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A special message from Tanmayo

Access your Community Calls

If you do not see your chosen Community Room or Language Hub connected to your account please click the Edit Registration button below. Please expect a few days for our support team to process a registration request.

 You can also view the calendar above for all call times and access links. 

Forum & Live Event Guidelines

If you participate in a forum, chat room, or live event, we ask you for your agreement to these Values:

  • Please respect each other in word & action
  • Hold in confidence what is shared
  • Avoid giving unsolicited advice
  • Avoid posting marketing or promotional materials to outside events or services, except in designated areas
  • Share from your personal feelings/experience only
  • Please keep your discussions specific to the Gene Keys retreat you are currently participating in
  • Observe feeling/emotions that may arise as opportunities for contemplation and expansion. 

The Gene Keys Approach

A path of gentle transformation 

The Gene Keys Approach invites us to develop our humility through embodying the four qualities that lie at the heart of the Gene Keys.  Please consider these values as you navigate the Gene Keys Teachings.

  • Contemplation – taking full responsibility for one’s inner state, using everyday challenges for growth and transformation.  
  • Inquiry – asking the profound introspective questions, inviting wisdom to come from within. Cultivating a state of calm presence in all situations. 
  • Gentleness – nurturing a kind and gracious approach towards self and others. Encouraging a spirit of unwinding and un-learning, versus striving and fixing. 
  • Patience – cultivating compassion, honesty and curiosity with an inherent trust in the underlying process.  

The Role of our Hosts 

Inside Community Calls, you may select “Ask for Help” and one of our hosts will join your breakout room for additional assistance.

The primary purpose of our Hosts is to model the Gene Keys Approach. Hosts foster a culture of friendship and warmth, inspire self-inquiry and listen with humility and respect to the issues and questions that may arise in the group. Whilst our Hosts will do their utmost to support the whole group journey from a place of compassion, they are not able to provide any form of therapeutic support.

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