Next Steps
Invitations for further contemplation

Review your Retreat Replays & Resources

You will continue to have all of the Pearl Retreat replays and resources available for your continued contemplation. Any time you feel called, you are invited to go back and listen to the meditations, webinars, or Q&A sessions.

The Golden Path Journey

Want to dive deeper into your Gene Keys? Whether this was your first ever Gene Keys experience, or you are a long time voyager, The Golden Path is a great way to continue deepening into your own contemplative journey. Newcomers may want to visit The Activation Sequence to help anchor in the insights and experiences of this Pearl Retreat. Or, perhaps you are ready to dive in to the powerful work of opening your heart in The Venus Sequence. You may find it empowering to journey with a study group, whether online or with friends and family. Consider bringing the values of the Gene Keys Approach into your own community, and journey along the Golden Path together!

A Luminous Game of Collective Transformation

Want to stay connected and collaborate with others? Find a group of seven and join the Delta Programme for an experiment in collective consciousness. In this life-changing game, players gather in groups of 7, exploring 7 themes over 7 weeks in a syncopated rhythm, creating a very real experience of higher harmony that touches all areas of your life.

The Mystical Transmission of Grace

Want to dive deeper into the Mystery School teachings of the Gene Keys? Venture into The Seven Sacred Seals, a profound and life-changing journey into the beautiful mystery of Divine Grace. Much more than a course, these teachings are an amazing set of practices, inner journeys, experiences, prayers, music, incantations and invocations that invite Grace into our lives. They are mystical portals to the Divine. 

Become a Gene Keys Guide

Want to share the Gene Keys into your own profession or service in the world? For those who have explored the Activation & Venus Sequence, we invite you into the Guides Programme. This self-study course demonstrates how to guide others into the Gene Keys wisdom, with a strong emphasis on embodiment. Having completed this course, you will be empowered to share any aspect of the Gene Keys that you have studied with us. You will also be invited to join our growing group of Gene Keys Guides in regular calls and evolving resources for the creative entrepreneurs of our community. 

Syntropy in Action

How can we be of the greatest service to the whole? The Pearl Teachings come to life in our lives through Compassion & Generosity. How are you inspired to serve the Grail? Together, we can inspiring a creative movement to pave the way for the next stage of our collective evolution. You are invited to share your experience of Syntropy within our Gene Keys community and beyond into the world. 

May your heart find this vision of simplicity and may your mind become lucid and clear. May prosperity ripple out into your life, bringing you unseen joys as well as being a deep comfort in challenging times.