Blessing of the Five Elements

This simple and beautiful blessing connects you to the elements of nature. It can be used in any kind of contemplative practice, whether walking in nature alone or setting a sacred space in groups. It can also be a wonderful preparation for sunrise meditations. Included here are a video and additional movement instructions you can use to guide your own daily practice. This practice emerges from the teachings of the Seven Sacred Seals, a mystical transmission of Grace.

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Angel of Earth, please purify my physical body 

Angel of Water, please purify my astral body 

Angel of Air, please purify my mental body 

Angel of Fire, please sanctify my spirit 

Angel of Ether, please gather the quintessence 

Additional Guidance

Between each line of this prayer, take three deep breaths as you invoke the Angels of the Five Elements.

There are optional movements you can perform at the same time to enhance this practice.

  • You begin with the arms open at your sides and gradually form a great arc as you reach up to the sky as you invoke the Angels of Earth, Water, and Air.
  • Your palms come together above your head just as you summon the Angel of Fire, and as you sanctify your spirit, your palms come down to rest in prayer position over your heart.
  • Finally, as you summon the Angel of Ether, your hands come to rest face down on your belly.