Gene Keys Syntropy

Syntropy: The universal law whereby the total energy within a system is exponentially increased through a philanthropic mutual exchange rooted in a higher order of consciousness.

-Richard Rudd, the Glossary of Empowerment

For Love & Generosity

Philos Anthropos refers to the essence of what it means to be human – to love others and to be generous. At the core of the Gene Keys teachings lies a profound spirit of generosity whose rewards are vast and exciting. As the highest expression of human virtue, Philos Anthropos invites you to use your creative genius alongside others in your community to help resolve specific issues you feel passionate about.

The Gene Keys as an organization and ever-evolving community is exploring new ways to support local and global philanthropic efforts. A portion of all proceeds to the Gene Keys business will be donated back into philanthropic projects as well as our own scholarship fund, to support those around the world to have access to these teachings. Please stay tuned for updates as we create a new platform for this philanthropic hub. 

Universal Love Alliance

Contributing to a civil rights project in Uganda and developing an educational curriculum based on the Gene Keys Art of Contemplation.

Mobile Info Team

Contributing to an organization in Greece dedicated to providing much-needed legal advice and support to families and refugees in transition.

Gene Keys Scholarships

Financial aid to those who feel a resonance with the Gene Keys and wish for support in accessing the teachings.

Contribute to the Gene Keys Syntropy Fund

In the spirit of the core message behind the Gene Keys, we have set up a specific fund for our philanthropic projects & scholarship program. At this time, we do accept contributions via debit/credit/paypal. Please designate how much you would like to contribute and complete the checkout process to finalize your donation. Please note, this is not a tax deductible donation. We are actively exploring other non-profit organisational structures to expand this Syntropy fund in the future. 

As the community grows we will be sharing feedback and stories form those who have benefitted from our collective generosity. Thank you so much for your kindness!

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