The Law of Syntropy

At the core of the Gene Keys teachings lies a profound spirit of generosity whose rewards are vast and exciting. As the highest expression of human virtue, Syntropy invites you to use your creative genius alongside others in this community to help resolve specific issues you feel passionate about. Below are some of the projects we are currently involved in and we have room for many, many more. Please consider joining our community and follow through with your philanthropic dreams for making the world a better place…

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Philanthropic Projects

Below are some examples of the Philanthropic efforts the Gene Keys and its global community have contributed to.


Compassion In Action

Idomeni Refugees


Student Exchange

Bridging the Global Community



The Giving Garden Program

Webinars and Resources on Prosperity

Spirituality & Money

Prosperity Webinars by Richard Rudd


The Pearl Sequence

Liberating Prosperity through Simplicity


Syntropy Articles

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We agree with the Gene Keys scholarship donor who said: “How lovely it is to see community far and wide come together for those so deserving and able to create real, lasting change on a global scale.” Incredibly generous donations have enabled us to support those deserving individuals in 2016 and also establish the Society as a fiscally supported non-profit, with its own online domain within the integrated Gene Keys website.  We invite donations to the following projects in 2017:

Needs of displaced people in Greece for shelter remains as strong as when Richard Rudd went out to erect tents at Idomeni. When that camp was forcibly closed, Luck of Birth determined to create permanent shelters and opened 10 new apartments in Thessaloniki, with plans for a free shop, a café, a learning centre and a clinic. The Gene Keys community has continued its support to this vital cause, and since mid-2017 the Society has also been donating to Mobile Info Team, a non-profit set up to provide accurate information and social support to asylum seekers in Greece.

We need membership fees to be set at a realistic level to cover essential Society running costs. Yet in an inequitable world, this means some community members find it hard to meet our minimum subscription level. We invite all who have more than they need to donate to a fund for those who have less than they need.

Anyone needing financial support may visit the Member Bursary Fund Application

In the last quarter of 2017 we have begun the next stage of the community website. Donations will help us create a stand-alone website for the Gene Keys Society, incorporating many member suggestions, with improved signposting, speed and simplicity.

Imagine a gift from another realm that is both game and healing tool. The Delta Fellowship is a communal consciousness system that leads individuals, teams and communities into alignment with their highest potential, while leaving them free to continue daily life. We invite donations to fund a coordinator role and developing program materials for introducing the Fellowship as a core offering to Society Members in 2018.

In the last quarter of 2017 we created free access for interested people and anyone hosting the Gene Keys transmission to participate in Stage One of the Gene Keys Ambassador Program.  In March 2018 we will launch our first Virtual Retreat for those who meet some simple criteria and are motivated to share Gene Keys more widely in the world. We aspire to develop a core of co-workers who can shine in their personal genius while offering coherence and integrity of Gene Keys message and delivery. We invite donations to an Ambassador Scholarship Fund to support those qualified individuals for whom finding the registration fee is an obstacle..

Our 2016 shared visioning activity for the Society revealed a common theme for many – a yearning for a physical Gene Keys learning centre somewhere in the world within ten years. Interest built on this during 2017 and a small group has begun researching possibilities for a first centre in the UK, easily accessible for Richard to offer frequent teaching programs. This is as part of a long-term project to establish an International Land Trust, which will support the establishment of many such centres around the world . Your donation, however small or large, will be very gratefully received and will lay the foundation of this inspirational vision and huge dream.

We welcome global donations via PayPal for any of these projects or for our Gene Keys Society General Fund. Please use the drop-down menu to support a specific project. As a registered non-profit, we enjoy PayPal reduced fees.

We also welcome donations by US dollar check if you hold a dollar account. Checks should be made out to “ISI-Gene Keys Society” and sent to Gene Keys Society, c/o Inquiring Systems Inc., P.O. Box 2037, Sonoma, CA 95476. A tax receipt will be issued to you upon receipt of your donation. US taxpayers are eligible for tax relief and, in some cases, non-US residents may also be able to set their donation against tax. Seek advice from the revenue service in your country of residence or from an accountant.

‘The Gene Keys Society is a fiscally sponsored project of Inquiring Systems, Inc. ISI is a US tax-exempt 501 (c) (3) nonprofit corporation with EIN: 94-2524840.