Contemplations on Sacrifice

In this 3 part video series, Richard Rudd contemplates Gene Key 19, which moves from Co-Dependence to Sacrifice, and is the pathway of Sensitivity. You may watch the entire series using the playlist above.

Part 1 explores the changes in the 19th Gene Key and where they are leading our species – to a transcendence of our fear of lack and its need for competition, into truly inter dimensional beings that are connected to each other at source. This will lead us to a new era in which we will each find superabundant joy at the core of who we are, changing our current view of intimacy in a most radical way…

In Part 2, Richard continues exploring the potency of the 19th Gene Key and how it shows us the magical power of Sacrifice. He further relates this to all forms of life on earth and to the interconnectivity of the subtle planes that comes through the higher Gifts of the 19th Gene Key. This provides a powerful context for the first half of the 21st century…

In the Part 3, Richard invites us to consider a revolutionary new spirituality in which the ancient shamanic traditions and their magical worldview are incorporated into a non dualistic perspective of reality. In this radical contemplation, Richard distinguishes magical thinking from fantasy, and lays out a new path for us all that includes the rich fertility of the higher imagination. A blending of East and West, ancient and modern, this may be the greatest spiritual edge our current generation can ride, and it is not without its potential pitfalls, as Richard also cautions us.

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