The first decade

Inception, Revelation, Reflection

Ever since the Gene Keys were revealed in 2004, they have continued to illuminate, inspire and uplift people who come into touch with them. The organic unfolding of the Gene Keys as a living wisdom is deeply mysterious. In this unique free webinar, Richard Rudd traces the arc of the Gene Keys as they emerged from the void, synthesising and integrating many other systems to set the blueprint for our common future as a heightened collective consciousness. Having brought us up to date, Richard then turns to the future to share his ideas of the challenges that lie ahead for humanity and the role the Gene Keys can play in helping to shape a future that may seem like science fiction to most people alive today.


1. Attunement
2. Transmission
3. Q and A
4. Self Illumination
5. Quintessence

Running Time: approx 80 mins

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