The Sphere of Attraction

In this free webinar, Richard Rudd takes us on a deep journey into the Sphere of Attraction in our Hologenetic Profile. We learn what our attractor field actually is, how it functions both in our physical body and within our aura, as well as its relationship to sexuality and creativity. In most people this aspect of our consciousness only operates at a low level of frequency, but once we learn to purify it, it suddenly reveals its awesome hidden power and purpose – to magnetise the right forces, people and resources into your life in order that you can fulfill your highest destiny. Richard also touches briefly upon the 6 lines of this Sphere and how your particular Gene Key and line can be used to open up and greatly increase the power of your attractor field.


1. Attunement
2. Transmission
3. Q and A
4. Self Illumination
5. Quintessence

Running Time: approx 75 – 90 mins

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