What is your Life’s Work?

Enacting your Genius

In this free webinar, Richard Rudd takes us on a deep journey into the Sphere of your Life’s Work in our Hologenetic Profile. We learn how important the beginning of your journey into the Gene Keys is, and how this can be continually brought to life through your creativity in the present moment. The Gene Key you have for your Life’s Work asks you to contemplate the greatest service you can offer to the world. It also challenges you to live this Genius rather than just discard it as unrealistic. Examining the Shadow, the Gift and the Siddhi of your Life’s Work, this webinar is a great introduction to all aspects of the Gene Keys, your Hologenetic Profile and the Golden Path Program.


1. Attunement
2. Transmission
3. Q and A
4. Self Illumination
5. Quintessence

Running Time: approx 100 min

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