Your Beautiful Mind

Richard Rudd unravels some startling insights about the way the mind is programmed by the language we use, and how we are either trapped or freed by our own neurology. If you are a student of the Gene Keys, you may also see a fascinating correlation here with the 6 lines.

I – The Wisdom mind – self sabotage – I am to blame – I am Love

You – The Freedom Mind – accusation – you are to blame – I love you

He/She/It – The Joyous Mind – complaint – he/she/it is to blame – I Love he/she/it

We – The Compassionate Mind – hopelessness – we are to blame – We are Love

You – The Abundant Mind – delusion – you are all to blame – You are all Love

They – The Silent Mind – conspiracy – they are to blame – They are all Love

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