Spirituality and…

A Webinar Series by Richard Rudd

In this new webinar series, Richard Rudd contemplates some of the more controversial and edgy subjects connected to spirituality. Sometimes provocative but always gentle and lucid, Richard tackles these sometimes challenging contemplations in his usual wise and open-hearted manner…

Spirituality and Spiritual Ego

18 Traps on the spiritual path – In this incisive monologue Richard Rudd uses the blade of lucid discrimination to cut through the many traps of the ego once it is involved in spirituality.

Spirituality & Mistakes

This latest exploration of the nature of mistakes opens the door on some profound questions – freewill and predestination, the nature of guilt, as well as the flaws of spiritual teachers and many other issues, all tackled with sensitivity and subtlety. Featuring a Q&A session with Richard Rudd following the webinar.

Spirituality & Money

A probing contemplation that invites us to view money as a means to open our hearts deeper into wisdom. Thoughtful, original and helpful for anyone interested in grounding a spiritual approach onto the material plane.