Gene Keys Affiliate Programme

Earning Revenue through Sharing the Gene Keys

Become an Affiliate to earn 20% commission on referral sales

Join our free online Affiliate Programme to earn revenue through referral sales of Gene Keys online courses and virtual retreats. Visit the affiliate dashboard to learn more about how to use your Affiliate Reference ID. Use this dashboard to access your affiliate settings, URL generator, and sales analytics. Over time, we will continue to add more affiliate resources and special offers to engage your network. Simply share a link with your referral ID, or encourage your contacts to add your name to the affiliate section during their checkout process. Every month you will get a Paypal payment for your commissions (as long as they total over $10. If its under this, its carried forward to the next month). We look forward to collaborating with you and prospering together through sharing the Gene Keys.

If your account does not have an Affiliate ID, please click here to sign up.