The Guides Foundation Programme serves to support those who wish to share the Gene Keys teachings on a deeper level, in a professional context. This foundational course provides training for facilitators in the Gene Keys Approach

This programme explores the fundamental principles of the Gene Keys approach: Contemplation, Patience, Gentleness, and Inquiry, and how to apply them into your practice. Whilst the Guides Programme won’t license you to teach the Gene Keys materials (you will need to go on to complete the Ambassador Programme to do this), being a Guide will help you hone your skills with sharing the Hologenetic Profile in sessions, host local study groups, and cultivate a deeper sense of presence and core stability in your life.

To be a Guide for others, you must become a lamp onto yourself.

About the Programme

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Purpose of the Guides Programme

This training supports applying the Gene Keys Approach in:

  • guiding a person through their Hologenetic Profile
  • hosting Introductory Sessions and Activation Sequence study groups
  • mastering the Art of Contemplation
  • guiding others into inspiring resources available within the Gene Keys website

The Guides Foundation Programme is now a pre-requisite for the Ambassador Programme.

This new modular course provides teachings, transmissions and meditations brought to you by Richard Rudd, Elijah Parker and Tanmayo Lawson who currently hold the Ambassador Programme, as well as additional support from Sally Middleton, Rosy Aronson, and other Gene Keys Ambassadors. This shorter, more focused course will provide the framework for the Gene Keys approach. Those who feel called to go deeper on the path to being an Ambassador, this is your next step.

Contents of the Programme

The Gene Keys Approach

      • Contemplation

      • Patience

      • Gentleness

      • Inquirey

Explore the four steps of the Guides Programme to learn to apply the Gene Keys approach into reading the Profile, hosting and facilitating study groups, or sharing the Gene Keys in an integral way.

  • Guides Training Video Series featuring Richard Rudd, Tanmayo Lawson, Elijah Parker, Sally Middleton, and more.

  • Connection & Support – The online programme hosts a forum for asking questions, sharing insights and connecting with other participants.

  • Earn your Guides Certificate acknowledging your study of the foundational practices in the Gene Keys approach


How to Register

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Registration for the Guides Programme

Registration will open within next few months – we apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Enrollment Fee: $200

Course Pre-requisites: Part 1: The Activation Sequence & Part 2: The Venus Sequence

This Guides Programme will be for anyone who has purchased the Activation and Venus Sequence in the online Golden Path programme. Anyone wishing to become a Gene Keys Guide must first ground in a deep understanding of the Activation Sequence, as well as commit to the ongoing emotional maturity cultivated in the Venus Sequence. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Please click the frequently asked questions for more information. 

Registration will be available soon. There will be no cutoff date for registration, as it is an “ongoing” online programme. The Guides Foundation Programme is a modular video course, designed to be flexible enough for you to determine your pace of study. All resources are available upon purchase.

The Gene Keys is a self-illuminating voyage, and is designed to offer a gentle path of contemplation inside your every day life. The Golden Path is an inner path…a private path. And yet, when groups of people around the world pool engage in collective contemplation, miraculous things can occur.

This virtual retreat provides you support first and foremost through the Teachings themselves. With new helpful videos, meditations, and guidance, Richard, Tanmayo, and Elijah will introduce the values and principles of sharing the Gene Keys as a Guide. Then, throughout each month of contemplation, it is up to you to deepen into your cultivation, and discover how you can share your gifts with integrity and compassion.

In addition, this course offers support through volunteers from our Ambassador Circle. These are long time voyagers who have made a deep inner commitment to the transmission of the Gene Keys. They will be available in the support forums, on community calls, and available through the Ambassador Directory. If you have a question, you may just find a friendly Ambassador to help guide the way.

Finally, it is important to remember that the Transmission itself is the support of Grace in our lives. Through gentle contemplation and wholehearted commitment, the Gene Keys can support you in activating your genius in the world. Inside every shadow lies hidden a gift.

The Guides Foundation Programme requires students to have purchased and completed the online courses Part 1: The Activation Sequence and Part 2: The Venus Sequence. Anyone who has not purchased these courses via will not be eligible for the Guides programme. For additional questions or support contact for more information.

If you are new to the Gene Keys, we recommend exploring Part 1: The Activation Sequence. It is a step by step exploration of your personal Gene Keys, and a requisite for those wanting to share as a Gene Keys Guide.

Guides are students of the Gene Keys who have completed at least the Activation & Venus sequence, and choose to apply the values & principles of the Gene Keys approach professionally. The Guides Certificate of Completion empowers Guides to help others learn more about Gene Keys: through affiliate links, free resources, profile readings, study groups, and encouraging newcomers to explore the Golden Path.

Ambassadors are long time voyagers of the Gene Keys who have made a deep inner commitment to the Transmission. The Ambassador Programme requires at least 18 months of contemplation in the Gene Keys Golden Path, as well as completion of the Guides Foundation Programme. As stewards of the Gene Keys Brand, Ambassadors are empowered to teach and share the teachings out in the world. Gene Keys Publishing supports the Ambassadors through resources, media, and a gallery of Ambassador events, products, and services.

Gene Keys Publishing is currently working hard with the amazing Translation Guild to accommodate more Gene Keys material in other languages across the globe.

This program will not be immediately available in languages other than English. In the future, we do plan on translating the resources for the Guides Foundation Programme.

We are also reviewing and working with Ambassadors for different regions and language groups. With the help of our translation partners and regional hubs, we will begin a Guides program in other languages, supported by those Ambassadors who speak your language. You can check the Ambassador Directory to contact those in your area who may be inspired to support you on your journey.

To best support the first round of Ambassadors, we want to support any and all Ambassadors to take the Guides Foundation Programme by offering free enrollment to all current Ambassadors.

The book “Genius – A Guide to your Activation Sequence”, available on Amazon, is the optional printed version of the eBook manual for part 1 of the Golden Path. While this companion book has a lot of information included in the Activation Sequence eCourse, it is not the complete package. You will need to still have the entire Activation Sequence & Venus Sequence eCourse in order to participate in the Guides Programme.

The printed book is designed to be a companion add-on for those who prefer to read in print as opposed to eBooks or online media.

If you have not purchase the online courses from, then you will need to purchase the necessary courses before registering for the Guides Programme.

The Gene Keys is an amazing gift to share with friends and family. However, the training programs and eCourses are designed specifically for YOU. The best way to review the resources is for each participant to have their own login to courses. That way the information you read is based on YOUR unique hologenetic profile.

Thank you for respecting the dedicated work that went into these teachings, and refrain from publicly posting or sharing private course materials without consent.

Remember, investing in this program can bring about new pathways of prosperity in your own life. Only those who have completed the Guides Programme on will receive the certificate of completion, or be eligible for the Ambassador programme.

Yes! When registration opens, we will have more updated information on how to apply for scholarships.

More details will be announced soon.

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