Anna Miller

USA – Austin, Texas

Hello World, I am Anna. My dream is to experience humanity living in harmony with all of life.

Teatime with the Gene Keys is one of my favorite ways to weave sacred space into my daily routine. My family comprises my husband (Doug), daughter (Sophie 10yrs), two dogs (Moppet and Rosie), and a cat (Dasher).

My husband and I run a Technology Services business in Austin, Texas called Higher State Technology. We balance the masculine and feminine by leading together and our business is structured as a Holocracy. We experiment with organizational design principles and conversations that explore what it means for people to flourish at all levels of life. The star pearl concepts are woven into our everyday discovery of “harmony of the spheres”.

I am a founding member of the Avalon Mystics Circle Mystery School. We are healers, warriors, visionaries and teachers that meet throughout the Galactic Year to explore the high arts of magic, time and alchemy. Avalon is the name of the 13 acres of sacred land that we gather on.

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