Ambassador Circle 2018

A Gene Keys Ambassador is a creative catalyst whose role is to host the wild wisdom of the Gene Keys transmission. This is a role that requires deep surrender, emotional maturity and self awareness. 

In 2017-2018 a group of dedicated Gene Keys voyagers embarked on a 9-month initiation journey into the teachings alongside Richard Rudd & Tanmayo. This is our first and only Ambassador Circle to date, and we honor our Gene Keys Ambassadors with a special dragonfly symbol, signifying their deep commitment to this transmission of living wisdom.

Here you can find support, wisdom, and creative inspiration from our global Ambassador Circle. The Ambassador Circle is a global fellowship of such people from all walks of life.

In loving memory of Ankya Klay and Yolanda de Andrade

Giving thanks to our Ambassador Angels watching over us.

Ankya Klay