Joanna Casey

London, United Kingdom

Born in London, Joanna has travelled widely all her life and has lived in several countries including Nepal, Italy, and the UAE. She has been self-employed most of her working life and has generated many ways of earning a living. These include owning a gallery and framing business in London, a shop in Dubai, Interior Design, organising fairs for artists to sell their work, and latterly using Cacao ceremonially as a plant medicine facilitator to assist with all kinds of inner work, including shadow work. She has a degree in Fine Art/Photography, and currently she also works as an artist in stained glass and mosaic.

Two of her main attributes are curiosity and enthusiasm, and these continually lead her to learn new things. She has found that discovering and embracing the Gene Keys has been quite transformational, and will continue to be a fascinating and compelling lifelong journey.

Services Offered

    • Cacao ceremony for Gene Keys study groups/retreats.

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