Integral Human Design – A New View of the Bodygraph

A New View of the Human Design Bodygraph 

By Richard Rudd


For the past several years, while creating and laying out the Gene Keys Synthesis, I have found myself from time to time contemplating Human Design. It was Human Design that allowed me to find my own inner power and trust in my true spirit in life. Like many people however, I also felt that the standard model of Human Design was missing something crucial. For me, that something was the new language I developed out of the Spectrum of Consciousness, a linguistic matrix for exploring the I Ching hexagrams at different levels of frequency. 

I never officially applied this new language to the Human Design bodygraph, at least not in any teaching capacity. Many others have been doing that quietly on their own and have I am sure discovered a whole new level to sharing Human Design. Whatever system you use to help others understand themselves, the frequency of the transmission you pass on is always dictated by the words you use.When you look at your own Human Design chart only through the highest frequency words, you may see a being that feels far beyond who and what you are right now. If for example you happen to have the channel of Charisma (34-20), then instead of simply being someone who is here to be busy, you are someone who is here to display the Majesty of Pure Presence through movement.That is somewhat different, to say the least. 

You can look at every channel in the bodygraph in this way, and you can also look at them at their lowest frequency. In the case of the above channel, that would make you someone who is both superficially forceful, or forcefully superficial. Quite another story! My point is a simple one – that your genes do not fix you into a tight little box. They actually offer you a huge range of potential expression, and you have to accept the entire spectrum, rather than a single narrow band. 

The New Biology 

In recent years, great breakthroughs have been made in cellular biology. Many of us may have heard of Bruce Lipton, the well know cellular biologist whose findings have overturned the standard view of genetics. As ever, such revolutionary insights as Lipton’s and others take a long time to percolate and change the standard model.The bottom line is that a new Biology is emerging and it looks a lot like quantum theory. In the new biology, DNA is no longer seen as controlling the life, and the old notion of the ‘selfish gene’ is being strongly challenged. According to Lipton, the cellular membrane shows more intelligence than DNA itself, as it effectively dictates the information moving in and out of the nucleus of the cell. This means that the environment has as much power over you as you do over it. 

This simple revelation is opening up boundless possibilities for the body’s self-healing mechanisms and suggests that we have far more control over our body and its chemistry than was previously dreamed of. Because we now also know that DNA is highly sensitive to electromagnetic frequencies, we also know that our thoughts, feelings and words must affect it far more than we realised. At a quantum level, your environment is the same thing as your attitude.The way you see yourself is therefore what creates your body and your life.The New Age has of course been telling us this for years, but it was never so clearly understood as it is today. 

With a Human Design bodygraph in your hands you therefore become a creator rather than an observer. Every word you relate to, both through your mind and your heart takes that frequency and passes it via the cellular membrane into the DNA waiting inside every cell of your being. If you are doing a Human Design reading, this also totally changes your role.You aren’t just a reader or a mechanic anymore.You are a co-designer.You are rebuilding someone’s whole life through your words at a higher frequency.You are reminding someone of his or her Divine essence. 

This is what Integral Human Design is about. 

Integral Human Design 

My new understanding of Integral Human Design is as a far more integrated synthesis than before. Because Human Design is a true synthesis, it must include and communicate with other systems, languages and communities. This is why I view it as an Integral Human Design. If Human Design is to be integrated into a modern worldview it must acknowledge that there do exist other paths that also lead to the same place – to awakening. Without this basic openness, Human Design will surely remain an island. Awakening has always occurred and is continuing to occur to people with no knowledge of their type, strategy and authority. For sure, there will always be people who pretend awakening, but I am not concerned here with them. I would like to acknowledge and discuss those people who have genuinely awakened from within the maya or illusion of our mentally constructed reality. 

Because people have awoken to the truth of their nature without this knowledge of their Design, perhaps we should listen to them as to how it occurred for them. From there we can perhaps learn more about Human Design itself. The most resounding message we receive from almost all the great teachers and enlightened beings is to purify our nature and open our hearts to the Divine that lies inside us. There are of course thousands of techniques to assist in this process. My own process of moving beyond Human Design has been to absorb its basic ingredients and allow them to find their own way inside me. This is why I created a new threefold language based on a spectrum of consciousness for each of the 64 hexagrams and gates of the bodygraph. In my own synthesis, I now refer to these as the 64 Gene Keys, because they represent codes of consciousness hidden inside our DNA. Furthermore, these codes can be ‘unlocked’ by means of changing the frequency of electromagnetic energy passing through them. In other words, you can directly influence your own DNA through your thoughts, feelings and attitude. 

The new language allows your whole being (not just your mind) to contemplate these codes inside you. By contemplation I am referring here to a deep process of meditative absorption and embodiment rather than its common interpretation as a kind of considered thinking. In particular the Gene Keys at the Shadow frequency allow you to observe the specific not-self behaviour patterns in your own bodygraph. At the highest level the same Gene Key allows you to contemplate your highest potential. By continual contemplation of this highest potential (the Siddhi) I have found that the not-self pattern gradually dissolves all on its own. This takes place because you are activating the higher frequency of that Gene Key or gate. If you do this as a sustained practise it will change the entire frequency of your design as a whole, rapidly transforming your life. Used in this way, the Human Design bodygraph becomes the most exacting and potent meditation tool available anywhere, because you are contemplating and activating the exact codes of your own inner Divinity. This also brings Human Design beautifully in line with all the great spiritual teachings down the ages, allowing it to be truly integrative.

The Circuits of Light 

One of the great insights of the Human Design System is the incredible revelation of the inner circuitry of human beings.Through Human Design circuitry we can see and understand how we are conditioned, how we relate to each other, how families, groups and businesses operate, and ultimately how we all integrate into the greater gene pool of humanity. Circuitry provides the perfect field for integrating the entire knowledge base of Human Design. The notion of a human being having ‘circuitry’ is not a new one. Many mystical systems such as the kabbalah are based on a similar idea, the Oriental approach to health is based on the idea of the meridian network, and even modern sciences such as biochemistry and neurology now see the human body as a network of neural and hormonal pathways and circuits. Integral Human Design takes the idea of circuitry into a whole new arena, by demonstrating it as the means through which awakening occurs. 

Once you have grasped the essence of your own Design at the very highest level, through understanding how your own inner circuitry operates, then your whole being begins to hum at a higher pitch.Those circuits are literally flooded with light as your DNA releases the information held in its core. The result is that your auric field enters a state of continual expansion – a process described by many mystics and masters.This opening up of your internal circuitry naturally releases all kinds of new hormones into your body, whose main purpose is to strengthen your physiology in order that it can withstand higher and higher frequencies. 

Integral Human Design thus offers a meditative approach as well as a strategy-based approach.Through gentle continued contemplation and absorption of the true higher purpose of your Design, you begin to activate and embody the very frequencies latent in words such as Peace, Grace, Beauty and Honour. 

Integral Human Design in Action 

Below is an example of how a simple understanding of Integral Human Design can change your perspective of who you are.The Human Design chart below shows an emotional Initiator (manifestor) with the channel 12/22 defined. 

Channel 12/22 

Essence (Siddhi) – The Channel of Grace 

Potential (Gift) – The Channel of Passion 

Shadow – The Channel of Possession  

In Integral Human Design, every channel has three names to represent the three potential frequency bands open to that person. The Channel 12/22 is called the Channel of Possession, the Channel of Passion and the Channel of Grace. At a low frequency (which psychology sometimes refers to as the ‘Shadow’), this manifestor will literally be possessed by their own emotions. They will most likely create enormous difficulty and pain, both for themselves and others, when they live as a victim of their own emotions. Such emotions will cause them to blame, project and long for some kind of lasting beautiful relationship to fulfil their own inner yearning. As a manifestor living at this low frequency the intensity of their feelings will also tend to drive others away rather than draw people in, and this will only lead to more anguish, anger and disappointment. 

At the next level, the level of Potential, this channel 12/22, the Channel of Passion is all about harnessing the creative potential of all those emotions.This is when this person becomes clearer about their own emotions and learns to take responsibility for their own feelings. At this higher frequency, the raw energy of emotions, whether happy or sad, is no longer continually projected outwards into their relationships, but is drawn into a sustained creative process. Now the sad times are understood as inward times when the aura wants to withdraw, and the happy times are for the natural release of the fruits of those internal processes. Now this manifestor begins to surrender to the ebb and flow of their feeling life, trusting in every feeling that comes but without projecting it onto others. This allows them to find a wonderful timing in how and when they deal with people, so that others no longer find them overwhelming but instead find them positively charming! 

At the highest level of Essence, the channel 12/22 becomes the Channel of Grace.This level describes what occurs when this manifestor transcends their emotions entirely. At this level, emotions become the conduit of a future awareness and the solar plexus centre (where the emotions originate) connects this person to all life.This means that when the sun rises, it rises inside this person’s awareness, and when the birds sing, they sing inside this person’s being. Such a being lives on another plane of reality, even though their body remains alive on the physical plane.This is the experience known as enlightenment.Wherever this manifestor now goes, they manifest only Grace, through their movement, their words, their actions and their very breath. Such an aura is powerful beyond words. 

Integral Human Design views every channel and gate in the Human Design bodygraph through these three lenses of the Shadow, the Potential and the Essence. Knowing the Shadow and the Potential allows us to break free from the many difficult challenges of one’s everyday life. These two views bring awareness into those areas that we sometimes find so difficult to admit to ourselves, and this awareness will transform your Shadow into your higher Potential. However, the most powerful aspect of Integral Human Design concerns the Essence. It is through capturing the feeling, idea and frequency of your Essence that you will begin to vibrate that Essence right in the core of your DNA.Your recognition of your very highest evolutionary potential is the most powerful thing that can happen to you in life. 

Automatic Activation of Type 

Perhaps my greatest revelation through a sustained practise of working with my Human Design bodygraph in this way is what I call the Automatic Activation of Type. As you raise the frequency of your DNA beyond the Shadow patterns of the not-self, you bring yourself naturally into a higher harmony with all creation. The higher your frequency rises in the spectrum the more impeccably you move in coordination with cosmic geometry. Therefore, without even knowing your Type and its strategy it simply plays itself out in your life automatically of its own accord. It is actually a by-product of raising your frequency. Knowing this, I have come to realise the value of Human Design as well as its limitations. Without acknowledging the higher reality beyond its own language, it only allows you to claim a certain level of harmony, beyond which it cannot go. 

Let me give an example from my own design. I have my personality sun in the 64.4. In the Gene Keys language the 64 represents the Shadow (not-self) of Confusion, the Gift of Imagination and the Siddhi (Divine attribute) of Illumination. In following my Type and its Strategy for seven years I gradually witnessed the transcendence of my confusion about life. Even though my mind might become confused about something, my strategy just cut through that confusion. The result was that my mind slowly stopped trying to resolve my own life and started manifesting its higher frequency – the Gift of Imagination. I used my imagination in the service of my strategy – to teach, write and communicate truths about Human Design that were inspirational and captured the imagination of many. 

Luckily for me the fates stepped in and allowed me to experience this frequency at an even higher level. I directly experienced the Siddhi of Illumination for 3 whole days in 2004. This was an experience beyond words. I perceived the inner light behind imagination and behind all forms. It streamed out of every atom of my being and allowed my mind to access a higher reality. In many ways I am still following the rays of that Illumination and I find that at certain times I can still access the beauty of that Siddhi that I know is a key aspect of my own mythology and my DNA. 

The Heart – A Universal Authority 

I love simplicity. I love the simplicity of Type and Strategy in Human Design. And I love the idea that it’s all really about making correct decisions. Knowing your correct decision making authority is the other great secret of Human Design. I believe I am one of the few teachers of Human Design that has done a detailed exploration of the 11 different types of decision-making authority. In my free web-book ‘An A to Z of You’ I outlined these authorities in some detail. 

Since writing that text several years ago, I have also had a great revelation regarding this subject of Authority. When you learn Human Design as a beginner, you learn about the 9 centres and their roles within the body. When it comes to the ‘G’ centre, you also learn about the magnetic monopole, which lies within your sternum and connects you into the living geometry of all life. It is here in the G centre in the 2nd gate or Gene Key that the magnetic monopole sits. The frequency bands of the 2nd Gene Key are: the Shadow of Dislocation, the Gift of Orientation and the Siddhi of Unity. Now, regardless of whether this centre is defined or undefined, here in this gate in this centre is a potential universal authority for everyone to make clear and correct decisions in harmony with the whole cosmos. 

Once again, in my own experience, it is all about your frequency. If you are caught in the not-self patterns of the Shadow frequency, then your decisions always dislocate you from the whole. When you begin to open your heart to life (which is what the Gift frequency represents) then you begin to orient yourself correctly through your decisions. Finally, in the 2nd Siddhi you experience direct unity and oneness with all creation as your total surrender to your inner divinity engages your magnetic monopole to make all your decisions, functions and even bodily movements without any interference from your mind or emotions. In other words, no matter what your design is, or what your Type or Authority is, all clear decisions ultimately originate from the monopole. Whenever you raise your own frequency through opening your heart up to others and to life, you immediately engage with this monopole deep inside you, which is why the greatest teaching about decisions down the ages has always been the simplest: follow your heart. Here, within your sternum is where your heart really is. 

Just because there are other ways to make clear and harmonious decisions outside Human Design does not make Human Design any less valuable. By acknowledging the timeless truths of existence and even verifying them, Human Design once again can prove it is a truly integral system. 

Life Beyond the Solar Plexus  

Perhaps the greatest insight of Human Design after Type and Authority concerns the human emotional system. It simply is not possible to follow your heart unless you can discriminate it from your emotions. Here in the solar plexus centre is the greatest concentration of nervous ganglia in the body after the brain. In the esoteric teachings of old, this centre is also known as the hub of the astral body – the desire body. As in the Gene Keys teachings, it has many frequency bands. Each of the 3 bands of each of the 7 gates in this centre describes the realms of heaven and hell also depicted in the ancient teachings. The seven Shadows are: Conflict (6), Desire (30), Victimisation (55), Reaction (49), Weakness (37), Dishonour (22) and Crisis (36). At the other end of the spectrum, the seven Siddhis are: Peace (6), Rapture (30), Freedom (55), Rebirth (49), Tenderness (37), Grace (22) and Compassion (36). 

Once you have raised your frequency beyond these Shadow patterns, then and only then can you begin to hear the still small voice of your heart (the magnetic monopole). Once again it is of secondary importance whether this centre is defined or undefined in your design. The definition simply describes its mechanics as it plays out in your life. However, if you are committed to raising your frequency you do not even need to understand those mechanics. They will be transcended all on their own, in the simplest and most beautiful way. The other beautiful thing about this teaching is that when you raise the frequency of even one of the gates in your bodygraph, then you raise all of them. DNA operates as a holographic field within the body, so all these patterns and frequencies are intricately interwoven. 

The solar plexus centre and its many waves represent an incredible opportunity opening up for humanity at this time. You no longer have to be a victim of the wave patterns of pleasure and pain. As you raise the frequency of your DNA, your awareness rises up on these waves and surfs on them rather than being plunged into them and their shadow patterns. This is what happens at the Gift frequency – you feel them flowing through you, either transmitted (the defined centre) or received (the undefined centre), but your awareness is strong enough not to react to them. At the Siddhi frequency, you even leave your surfboard behind and take to the air beyond the emotional waves of humanity. It is here in the air that the higher currents of shakti or Divine essence begin to flood your body and being. At the Siddhi frequency, you have actually transcended your DNA and your design altogether and along with them, your suffering. Such states have always been known in the world, and we now live in a very special time in which they are fast becoming much easier to attain. 

Transcend and Include 

The above introduction to my own vision for an Integral Human Design is really only the very tip of the iceberg of the potential I can see for Human Design as a tool for the awakening of humanity’s higher evolution. I have many more insights that I am also looking forward to sharing. One of the great steps for anyone involved in any system of teaching is always to remain open to other systems. This is what Integral Human Design is all about. Knowing your Type, Strategy and true Authority is to me extremely useful and helpful, especially for providing emotional and mental stability in the beginning of your awakening process. Furthermore, when they are attached to the spiritual framework of the Gene Keys as well, they really become the foundation for one of the most grounded approaches to self-realisation the world has ever seen. One of the great laws of true transcendence is the axiom “transcend and include’. Transcendence never negates what has come before, but always finds a way to integrate its true value whilst at the same time adding new dimensions and insights to the original form. 

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