• 10 Modules

    Seven Days of Grace

    Across seven days, for approximately 30 minutes a day, author and sage Richard Rudd carefully guides us through a series of beautifully crafted meditations, rituals, and reflections, with the intent of becoming more connected with ourselves and the Divine. Try it for free and see what miracles await you inside your Seven Days of Grace.

  • 8 Modules

    New to the Gene Keys

    A three-day voyage into the algorithms of awakening, this short experiential course gives you a simple introduction to the amazing world of the Gene Keys.
  • 6 Modules

    Jaguar’s Journey

    A Journey of Symbol and Synchronicity

    Inspired by our amazing online programme, The Dream Arc, this free mini-series is your chance to sprinkle a bit more magic into your everyday life. Spoken from the perspective of Jaguar, your guide to the imaginal realm known as the Dreaming, this short journey is filled with rich imagery, invitations and experiences, all shaped by your intuition.

  • 6 Modules

    The Art of Contemplation

    Gentle path to wholeness and prosperity

    This online course is a simple introduction to the technique at the core of the Gene Keys, and indeed of all paths towards wisdom. Through a series of step by step resources, this course shows you how to bring the magic of contemplation into every corner of your life, resulting in a deep sense of spaciousness, calm and clarity that is so rare in our modern world. The purchase includes The Art of Contemplation online text and audiobook, as well as step by step contemplation resources. 

  • 19 Modules

    The Delta Programme

    A Game of Collective Transformation

    “Welcome to the Delta, an incredible new experiment that challenges human beings to take our next great evolutionary step – into the full flowering of collective consciousness! For seven weeks, you are invited to harness the power of collective contemplation and allow the Delta to reshape your inner world in ways you cannot yet imagine. The Delta Program is both a personal healing tool, and a game we need to learn to play increasingly as a species. It brings another dimension into our daily lives without displacing our many physical and emotional commitments. Whatever doors the Delta opens for you, you have absolutely nothing to lose by playing – except of course, the fear of your own vastness…” ~Richard Rudd

  • 11 Modules

    The Activation Sequence

    Discovering your Genius

    Part 1 of The Golden Path Program

    This online program is a step-by-step guide through your Hologenetic Profile. Part 1 highlights your four Prime Gifts, the cornerstones of your particular Genius, representing the mythic themes and challenges of your life. The path through your Prime Gifts supports you to fulfill your life’s Purpose while remaining deeply grounded in the Core Stability of your physical body. 

  • 14 Modules

    The Venus Sequence

    This online course provides step-by-step guidance to understanding and exploring your Venus Sequence. This journey guides you to discover freedom and lasting love through your relationships, through understanding and releasing old negative patterns and fully opening your heart.

  • 20 Modules

    Seven Sacred Seals

    The mystical transmission of Grace

    The Seven Sacred Seals are a mystical wisdom that dovetails beautifully into the Gene Keys. Their primary purpose is to catalyse the awakening of the heart. This is an amazing programme with many levels and dimensions. It is original, inspiring, profound and can be a great comfort to us as we deal with the many challenges that life brings. Appropriate for all levels. Separate printed book also available.

  • 27 Modules

    The Dream Arc

    A rich and highly unique journey designed to expand your creativity, unlock your intuitive wisdom and connect you to the deep ancestral power of the earth and her creatures. 

  • 9 Modules

    The Guides Programme

    The Gene Keys Guides Programme is a self study course that demonstrates how to guide others into the Gene Keys wisdom, with a strong emphasis on embodiment. Having completed this course, you will be empowered to share any aspect of the Gene Keys that you have studied with us. This comprehensive programme also gives you the creative freedom, skills and experience necessary to create a flourishing business with the Gene Keys. With lucid mind, open heart and embodied presence, the Guide is a beacon of light during uncertain times.

  • 7 Modules

    Delta – Star of Consciousness

    Enacting the Spirit of Selflessness

    As Phase 2 of the Delta, the Star of Consciousness organizes a collective of 21 people (3 Deltas) tasked to bring into the world a powerful act of philanthropy. This collective of 21 is actually the vehicle for a higher form of consciousness, broken into three groups of five (Pentas) exploring the project through Action, Love, & Wisdom while constantly feeding and communicating with The Hive, a group of six participants who interweave with each group's representative. This phase of the game ends once the act of philanthropy is realised. This course requires each participant to have done Three Deltas & joined the Delta Fellowship. Learn more about the Delta Programme here.

  • 10 Modules

    Delta Guides Module

    This is a special add-on module to the Guides Programme for those who wish to become Delta Guides. This module requires user to have complete the Guides Agreement and joined the Delta Fellowship.