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Opening Your Heart

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A heartfelt welcome

Welcome to the Venus Sequence. The Venus Sequence may well be one of the deepest transformation experiences you ever move through. When I first received the transmission of the Venus Sequence, it opened me up to something that seemed almost to be a dream – that is, the promise of a life lived with a consistently open heart.

Now I know that in the modern New Age movement, everyone always talks about living with an open heart. But what does that really involve? This is the question at the heart of the Venus Sequence. Can you keep your heart open under intense judgement? Can you find enough self-love to overcome harsh personal rejection? Are you able to forgive offences instantaneously? Are such things possible for you? In order for us to be able to live with an open heart, we will first of all have to remember what that feels like. It is unlikely to be a fast track path, but it is the biggest adventure of a lifetime. Nothing in your outer life can compare to the depth of self-fulfilment that will come from achieving this extraordinary thing.

When you embark upon your Venus Sequence journey, you must cultivate exceptional patience. The more you are able to be patient, the quicker the process will seem to move. As you learn about the intricacies of your own emotional wounding, you are likely to come face to face with some harsh truths about yourself. You will therefore need to learn to be fiercely honest with yourself. It is also likely that you will go through difficult phases in which you may feel as though you are not getting anywhere, so you will also need a large dose of perseverance.

These three qualities of patience, honesty, and perseverance will be vital allies for you in the weeks and months ahead. Above all however, you will need to learn the art of compassion – that elusive spring hidden in a secret glade somewhere deep inside your heart. Your compassion is paramount – the ability to parent yourself when wounded, to forgive yourself your perceived failures, and to look upon yourself with constant gentle wonder.

This is your charge as you enter your Venus Sequence.

Please give yourself a heartfelt welcome.

Patience and Gentleness on the path

Entering the Venus Stream

Before we enter into the Venus Sequence, I would like to share a little about the actual experience I had in receiving this wisdom. It was a sunny summer afternoon, and I was flying quite high having just completed teaching a 3-day seminar on the Gene Keys. It was the first time I had publicly introduced the 3 levels of awareness now known as the Shadow, the Gift, and the Siddhi. The actual names for the 64 Siddhis had only come to me in the 2 days leading up to the course itself, so you might imagine how my mind was racing to keep up with this rapidly unfolding revelation.

I was sitting on the train on the way home, when all of a sudden I began to see a vast web of geometric patterns connecting up the 64 hexagrams of the I Ching. The patterns were intricate and vastly complex, but also beautiful like fractal patterns. I entered spontaneously into a heightened state of consciousness that lasted for the next 3 days. It was only afterwards that I learned that there had been a rare transit of the planet Venus across the face of the sun on that very day that I began seeing these patterns. It was in the following three days that I received the revelations of the Venus Sequence. There was a vast flood of insight moving behind the wisdom itself, and I saw many things that are now a silent part of my knowing, or are no longer accessible to my ordinary waking mind. Being so utterly subjective, revelations are difficult things to explain!

Central to this revelation is the energy, pathway, and positioning of the planet Venus. But it is also much more than just a celestial object; it is a stream of consciousness that happens to relate to Venus, perhaps in a holographic way, certainly in an archetypal way. I call this phenomenon ‘the Venus Stream’. It is a living transmission of energy and wisdom. This idea of the Gene Keys as a living transmission is something I have shared in the past, but it is not an easy thing to explain to the left-brain mind. When I received this knowledge back in 2004, I had no real context to place it in. It was a pure revelation – so raw and potent that it drove me to the very edges of reason. I have spent many years since grappling with the weight of this wisdom.

Venus Transit 2004

Now, in the framework of the whole Golden Path, the Venus Sequence has a clear context. I have come to realise that it is not something to be entered into lightly. The Activation Sequence prepares you to enter the Venus Stream. But unlike your Activation Sequence, the Venus Sequence moves in a far more feminine and sinuous way. Insights will come from the right brain, from the heart of your intuition.

This means that your logic will have to catch up afterwards, after the actual transformations have occurred. So this is a wisdom that cannot be rushed. You can rush in with your mind, but if you aren’t aligned with the Stream itself, then you will just have a mental journey. To enter into the Venus Stream is to allow yourself to be swept into an awesome process of deep and lasting transformation. And the transmutation through the Venus Stream is an emotional one. Your emotions are the raw material of this journey. They provide the thrust that will allow you to navigate the twists and turns of your karma.

The Allegory of Water

The ancient Taoists often spoke of wisdom by relating it to water. They referred to the spiritual path of the true human being as the ‘Watercourse Way’. As I have contemplated the Venus Sequence down the years, I have come to see the various pathways that comprise the Venus Sequence as reflecting the various different movements of water.

For example, the first Pathway of Dharma is like the movement of water deep under the ground. It moves through caves and underground waterfalls and reservoirs, and it only emerges into the light as the Pathway of Karma, which is like a spring bubbling up from under the ground. As you travel along the Pathways of the Venus Sequence, the Stream will guide your contemplation. There will be times where you are changing internally in ways that you cannot see, and times when revelations suddenly erupt and shake the parameters of your mind.

The Watercourse Way

Your contemplative journey through the Venus Sequence therefore follows an allegorical watery thread, and once you have entered the Stream you can only surrender to the twists and turns of the transmission as it moves inside you. The Great Change that is spoken of in the Gene Keys book is a fundamental shift in human consciousness. This will come about as our emotional awareness reaches the pinnacle of its maturity, at which point our awareness becomes universal, riding on the refined waves of our old emotional life. We are entering a new world, moving across an epic threshold, and this new energy within us, this feminine Venus Stream is propelling the shift.

The Gifts of Grace and the 22nd Gene Key

As you will learn, the Venus Sequence is a journey right into the heart of human suffering. It shows you the mechanics of your individual suffering in the form of the string of Shadow patterns that you have inherited through your ancestral DNA. However, the Venus Sequence shows us much more than this. It also gives us a grand backdrop to the reason for suffering itself. By helping you to understand your own patterns as aspects of a greater collective theme, this wisdom points your awareness right at the heart of the issue – namely, our desire to escape the pain.

This very human trait of wanting to free from pain is totally understandable. At a purely physical level, it is indeed a defence reflex inside us. However, there are deeper reasons for our pain than we usually realise. Few people have discovered the true secret of suffering – that it is a doorway to Grace. Our pain is always trying to tell us something important, and if we can summon the courage to lean into the pain and listen to its message, then we will always discover its hidden gift. Every Shadow contains a Gift. Nowhere is this truer than in your journey through the Venus Sequence.

When the Gene Keys book was first written, some of the Keys emerged in a very sketchy form, as though they were not yet ready to arrive. When I sat down to edit the work, I came across one Gene Key – the 22nd Gene Key – that seemed to be completely hidden from me.

As I read my first words on this Gene Key whose highest expression is Grace, I realised that I hadn’t even touched its core, so I decided to completely delete what I had written, and wait for it to re-emerge. This didn’t happen until almost a year later when I was emerging from a particularly bad winter illness. When the 22nd Gene Key did finally spill out into words, I was quite stunned. It stands alone in the book, almost like a book within the book. Although similar to the 55th Gene Key (its brother) in length, its content encompasses an extraordinary panorama of consciousness. At its heart however lies the question of human suffering, and it therefore has a direct relationship to the Venus Sequence. Both are manifestations of the Venus Stream. The more you read and digest the 22nd Gene Key, the more you will settle yourself into the Venus Stream.

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Opening your heart through relationships

As we have seen, the Venus Stream involves the mystical role of Grace, and Grace is a force that comes from above. It is beyond our reckoning. It cannot be predicted or caused, only invited. When we say that Grace comes from above, we are not saying that it is outside us. It simply resides in a part of our greater self that currently lies outside our direct reach.

But we can invite Grace into our lives through facing into our own pain, through taking full responsibility for our Shadow patterns, and through deep self-compassion. The Venus Stream constantly reminds us to be gracious, towards ourselves and towards all beings.

As we learn to be gracious, we can learn once again to open our hearts fully to life, to all aspects of life, even the darker sides. This is where the Venus Stream will lead you, into the secret chambers of your own heart. Even when your heart feels completely closed, the Stream will wrap itself around you, and invite you to bring yourself back to life. Just as in the stories of old from all around the globe, we always have the capacity to resurrect ourselves from our own harshness.

Who knows why things happen the way they happen? This is one of the great mysteries of the word Dharma, the first Pathway of the Venus Sequence. We can only surrender graciously to fate, and as we do so, we raise the frequency of our response to life. This is when Grace becomes possible – at the exact moment of our deepest surrender.

Because the Venus Stream leads us through the territory of our emotions, it cannot help but be a journey that is all about relationships. What would be the purpose of an open heart if not to relate with others? Here we touch the essence of life. When you ask those who are dying what in their lives has mattered to them the most, they will almost always tell you the names of their loved ones and friends. The Venus Sequence stands on the pillars of your 4 Prime Gifts, but it brings them into contact with others. It tests your capacity to embody your Gifts over and over again through the education of your relationships. And eventually, as you learn to stabilise your Gifts and stand in your Core Stability with your heart open, then you will witness the flowering of your life within the wider community through the Pearl Sequence.

The Venus Sequence is really where the coalface of this work with the Gene Keys is found. It may take you many years to plumb the depths of your Venus Sequence, so you will need those three qualities of patience, perseverance, and honesty every step of the way. But you don’t have to rush at this work too intensely.

You may touch into it, and then withdraw for a period to let it settle deeper inside you. Then you can dive in again and get mining for those diamonds. You will have to find your own rhythm of working and playing with the Golden Path.

One thing is for certain; your relationships will keep reflecting back to you exactly how far your understanding is progressing. So please feel free to use this wisdom however you feel drawn to using it. If you feel to share it, then share it, if you need to keep it for yourself as an internal practise; that is also fine. There are no rules and no right way or wrong way. It is your journey, so you should follow your heart as you drift, dive, plummet, rise up, and immerse yourself in the living waters of the Venus Stream.

The Dove, No. 1 by Hilma Af Klint
Module 1, Topic 3
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Opening Your Heart