To Be the Spirit of a Mango Tree

In this short clip, Dream Arc contributor Samson suggests a couple of apt metaphors for the spiritual life you might not have thought about.

Beautiful Worlds

Enjoy this delicious montage of beauty, featuring a multitude of talented and generous visual artists who have contributed to the Dream Arc, set to th…

Musical Odyssey

Embark on an hour-long musical odyssey with Richard Rudd. Weaving the World Together is a profound a dreamtime journey through the animal soul of Gaia…

Cultural Sensitivity

Exploring cultural sensitivity and the four qualities that underpin this whole teaching and is the lifeblood of our Dream Arc Community.

Tour inside the Dream Arc

Watch the replay of our grand opening and take a peek into the amazing world of the Dream Arc online course.

Jaguar’s Journey

This free Dream Arc mini series takes you on a journey of symbols and synchronicities.

Plant a Tree

Sign up to your experience your own true nature through the exciting adventure of the Dream Arc online course, and a tree will be planted in your hono…

The Art of Living Well

The Art of Living Well By Shane Fike In my work as a guide in service to helping others embrace their higher purpose, and as…