Category: Guardians
Life Key: Creative Freshness
Dream Arc Partners: Cockerel / Firefly
Related Gene Key: 1

I am the World-Bull.  What does that mean? It means that your whole earth rides on my back. I support your evolution. I provide protection, boundaries and define the margins around your self-love. How can you love and serve others if you have no boundaries around your own self? The heart is boundless yes, the Divine Feminine knows only to give of itself. This is why I, the Divine Masculine,  present in all beings – teach you how to say no! ‘No’ can be beautiful. ‘No’ is often a sacrifice, a subject I know a great deal about. Where in your life are you not finding the courage to say no!

I am the Great Guardian of the element of earth. I bring grounding to your airy ideals. I bring banks to the rivers of your creativity. But I also carry a warning. Beware of the bull! Too much structure, too much tension, too much intensity can be damaging. Too much focus on competitiveness can be harmful to the system. My warning is for you not to overstretch. Come back to earth. Do not try and do everything alone. I am supported by the herd. I am happiest when surrounded by my cows. So you too may draw upon the support of the feminine pole – to balance the potency and fire of the masculine. As the Divine Masculine I have been misunderstood and persecuted for millennia. Yet when my energy is understood and used wisely and in balance, I am at my very best.

Once you have established clear boundaries, then my creative vital potency can pour safely through you into the world. Value yourself and value the gifts you bring to others. The more you value yourself, the more energy I will shower on you. With my energy behind you, there is nothing you cannot achieve. Clear out your life. Flush out the old. Open up to the new, to the fresh, to the unknown. Carve your path away from the mediocre. Never copy another. Always create from your own uniqueness. You are the source of all that is new in life. Bring your dreams forth and let them multiply!

Mesopotamian – The bull is prominent as a destroyer in the epic Gilgamesh.

Sumerian – The bull was a symbol of fertility.

Phoenician – Baal was worshiped as a bull.

Egyptian – The bull Hapi was one of the oldest cults, and the bull was also connected with Osiris in preparing the land for fertility.

Ancient Greece – Zeus was associated with the bull and the Minotaur had the head of a bull.

Nordic – Connected to Thor and Freyja.

Celtic – An emblem of warriors. Christian – As the ox, the bull witnessed the birth of Christ.

Mithraic – Bulls were the major symbols of the cult of Mithras.

Roman – Associated with Jupiter but also Venus and Diana.

Vedic – Siva rode a bull.

As one of the most ancient symbols of the masculine pole, the bull embodies the infinite spirit of creativity at the heart of evolution. Those connected with this symbol are tapping a force of such power that it will govern their whole lives. Contrary to the projections of many, the bull is actually a peaceful and rather gentle creature, although when roused it can unleash awesome power. So too will the people of the bull symbol have to respect the spontaneity and constant freshness of the creative process. If it is approached with gentleness and patience it will enter the world and manifest its highest potential as beauty, but if it is approached with an agitated frame of mind, then it will turn on one and initiate a process of deep self-destructive behaviour.

We are each here to find a way to give our light unconditionally. The more we give, the more light we emanate. That is something for us to contemplate. This is what our gifts are about. Your gifts are magnetic. As you give, so the light that you are giving, your genius, travels out into the mystery of space and it attracts certain other frequencies of a like nature. When you unlock your gift, having accepted your shadows, then you find your life moving through a terrific period of expansion.

-Life’s Work Webinar

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