Category: Messengers
Vision Key: Vision of Beauty and Dawn
Dream Arc Partners: Bull / Firefly
Related Gene Key: 1

I am the Cockerel – herald of your awakening. I am an invitation to contemplate all that is beautiful in your life. This is my specific message for you. You may have become deeply bogged down in the details and trivia of the world, or perhaps you’ve become entangled in someone else’s issues? Either way, you have forgotten your own inner beauty. I call you to wake up! Find the key area of your life where you are losing or giving away your precious energy.  Awaken your compassion for that thing. That which you consider ugly may well be the very trigger that reminds you to awaken a vision of love and beauty. I am the Cockerel, and I am here to shock some reluctant part of you awake!

Be courageous and change a stagnant pattern. Something important in your life wants to move into a new gear. Physically wake up early and greet the dawn with me. Meeting the sunrise is one of the most ancient spiritual practices on this Earth. Shake off your sluggishness and join me with the sun as the world awakens. Feel the joy of awakening radiate out inside you and then allow that yang energy to transform your day, and over time, your whole life. Meet three sunrises in a row and you will discover a secret of the Christ story – that the third is always the charm! You may unlock this secret in many things.

Call out to the great void. Let your voice be heard in the inner world and the outer. Do not worry about awakening others. They each come in their own timing. Just let the joy of your wild crowing resound around the valleys of the world!

Ancient Greece – Connected to Apollo, god of the sun, and to Mercury, god of speed.

Oriental – In Japan, the cockerel rouses Ameratsu, goddess of the sun. It is also a strong symbol in Shintoism.

Islamic – The bird is an awakener of all creatures in heaven.

Christianity – There are obvious connections with Christ through its triple crowing.

The cockerel or rooster is a cornerstone symbol, representing the dawning of a new awareness where beauty is all there is. To work with this symbol is to surrender to the muse of creativity, and to become a channel for the beauty of higher dimensions. This bird is the ultimate solar symbol, presiding over the birth and death of the world itself. The ultimate role of the cockerel is to eradicate all ugliness from the world, which is the great challenge for anyone connected with it.

Beauty is a lens provided by love. It’s a jewel hanging in the immensity of space and a poetic way of living. It’s an unseen, unsung moment that never ends – a moment of crystal, a shaft of eternity, a gust of wind inside the god. 

-The 64 Ways

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