Category: Dreamers
Fear Key: The Fear of Darkness
Dream Arc Partners: Cockerel / Bull
Related Gene Key: 1

I am Firefly. I was there at the dawn of creation. We fireflies are like the faeries of your legends, flashes or scintillae that are often seen only around dawn or dusk, or even in the dead of night. We come to bring you more than hope. For when you are trapped in darkness, then we come. All creatures generate their own inner light, but only some can be seen by the eye of humans. You too can generate your own light, known as aura.

Your fear is of stagnation. You fear that the darkness will engulf you, that it will choke your life force and steal your joy forever. It is a viable fear. The weight of your ancestral past hangs heavy on your shoulders, making it difficult to breathe and open your heart. We understand this pain. We come as rays of reminder – dream-shards of truth in the gloom. All darkness is merely intensified light. It is so bright that you cannot see it, but you can trust in it at a deep level.

Is there anything you can do? Yes, you can create! You can dream! In the darkness of loss or despair there is always the tiniest of lights. Look for these fireflies. They are your dreams. Gaze inwardly and you will find us. Then follow our impulse within you. We your dreams, are inner fire. We are alive and we wish only to create. Even the tiniest act of creation can begin to break the deadlock. And one tiny act of creation leads to another, and another. It matters not what you create, or what medium you use, or if anyone but you sees it. Just let the fire of creation move within you again, bringing you warmth and hope.

Music is wonderful for you now. Music that resonates with your soul’s yearning. Listen, play or move with the music. Fill the air around you with it. Bathe in it. As your soul finds itself again, let the music change to reflect the energy. Let the creativity fill your heart, body and mind. Let your dreams permeate every cell. Allow the feelings to come. When you are ready, reach out to another with your light and dance together in empathy. Join your creation with that of another. Thus your darkness will no longer feel like stagnation but will become a bridge to Beauty and Union.

Japanese – In Japanese mythology, spirits often assume the form of fireflies. Fireflies are also often seen as stars that have come to wander the Earth.

Mayan – The Maya worshipped various firefly deities, which were connected with the stars.

North and South America – The firefly was a symbol of illumination and hope.

The firefly has two manifestations, one as the glow worm during its larval stage and the other as a flying beetle. During both stages, the firefly has the amazing ability to generate light without heat, something no human scientist has ever managed to replicate. The deep fear of this symbol is the state of stagnation or entropy, which manifests as human melancholy. When we feel a lack of energy and enthusiasm, then we have to turn inwards and capture the inner light that burns within us. If we try and escape the darkness thrown up by our own natural biological rhythms, then we are in danger of fixing the melancholy into depression. This symbol holds the secret to creativity itself; that great light is born amidst total darkness. When our life enters one of these phases, we must dig deeply into our spirit and trust that the light is there, burning deep inside. As the firefly lights up the night with its beautiful dance, so we must learn to trust in the darkness inside us and see its hidden beauties reflected in everything and everyone around us.

Beauty is fostered by nature, cradled by silence and nurtured by mystery

-The 64 Ways

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