Part 2: Desert - Breaking out of overwhelm​

A Message from Jaguar

Breaking out of overwhelm

In this next stage of our adventure, we will journey into the desert. The deserts are magical places where mystery and mysticism abound. However, deserts are also places of exhaustion and emptiness. We each have periods in our life where we need to visit the desert. You humans succumb quite easily to overwhelm. It is not your fault for you have created such a complex world around yourselves. If you are feeling this overwhelm, you can use this short journey to pause and reset your tendencies.

Three creatures – desert-dwellers, are here for you. You may choose one of these three as your guide through the desert. Choose intuitively, rather than with your mind. Trust in your every intuitive footfall, that you learned in the jungle. Each of these desert dwellers are here to offer specific and different guidance in how to transform overwhelm into a higher possibility. 

If this is your first step with me, you are right where you need to be. But if you feel you need to understand more about this journey, you can always go back and follow my footsteps from the beginning. 

Which desert creature are you drawn to work with?

Scorpion, Camel, or Roadrunner? Click their images below to reveal a hidden message for you at this time. The full codex entry is available for these three creatures too, you just need to click on 'View Codex Entry' when the text pops up.


Journey with Your Animal

Now that you have chosen your desert Guide...

  • Expand your familiarity with this animal and its significance for you and your life.

  • Google it. Read about it. Invite it into your dreams before you sleep. Notice any synchronicities.

  • How can your growing understanding of this animal help you better understand yourself or others around you?

  • How might this creature help you to transform overwhelm into something beautiful, and what might that be?

Resources for Deeper Dreaming

Enjoy these stories from the wonderful world of the Dream Arc as a source of inspiration for your journey...

Richard Rudd guides you quickly and simply to the core of the main issue that is overwhelming you right now. 

Rosy Aronson offers you an invitation to seek wise counsel during your times of overwhelm. 

Rosy Aronson offers some suggestions for how we can come into deeper communion with the earth, so that we can both be nourished by it and so that we may in turn be of service to it. 

Listen to the meditation of resilience

I am Camel, the portal creature of resilience. I hold the key to traversing the many varying inner landscapes of the Dreamtime and specifically the Middle World. Many are the trials we meet. Deep are the wounds we carry. Many times we think of giving up and returning to our sleeping state of denial or distraction. I lend each voyager the inner strength to surmount all obstacles and stay the course of transformation.

Experience the full magic of the Dream Arc...