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The Dream Arc

With Richard Rudd & Rosy Aronson

The Dream Arc contains an astounding central message that has rarely been considered by us humans – that the dream world is not a mere echo of the waking world – rather it is the fertile ground in which our waking life is germinated. In 2020, Richard Rudd & creative partner Rosy Aronson will be exploring the Dream Arc synthesis through art, story, and the language of dreams. Here, we will begin sharing resources and videos from the Dream Arc project. You can stay up to date for the latest news and announcements of the project’s evolution by signing up to the Dream Arc Newsletter.

The Dream Arc Video & Art Series

Over the course of 2020, Rosy & Richard will be launching a new series on the Dream Arc, featuring video transmissions, inspiring art, and seeds for your own dream practice. Here are a few teaser videos featuring Rosy Aronson‘s artwork and Richard’s insights on the Dream Arc spectrumVideos by Kim Aronson.

More information about this new project will be shared later this year via the Dream Arc newsletter. Join the mailing list below to stay in tune with the latest updates and evolutions of this collaborative project.

Rosy Aronson PhD

Rosy is an inspirational artist, author, teacher and ordained spiritual counselor with a Masters in Expressive Arts Therapy, a Doctorate in Intuitive Listening & the Creative Arts, and a deep love of the Gene Keys and Human Design. Her deepest intention is to provide empowering tools and courses for people to awaken their Inner Wisdom Keeper, walk with integrity and bloom into their authentic selves.

Richard Rudd

A teacher, mystic and award-winning poet, Richard Rudd’s inner journey began early in life as he experienced strange energies rushing throughout his body, culminating in a major spiritual experience at the age of 29. A born explorer, Richard has studied with great teachers in the East, traveled through the Himalayas, the Pacific, the Americas and the Arctic. Today Richard continues to expand the wisdom that he was gifted, remaining always a student of the Gene Keys while teaching all around the world.

Free Dream Arc Resources by Richard:

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