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Your Hologenetic Profile is a personalised map of your inner being. It shows you the archetypal patterns that block the natural manifestation of your Genius (Shadows), and how to transform these patterns into your Gifts. Rather than being a fixed set of blueprints, your Profile represents a great journey you are on in life – to unlock the latent higher capacities of your Genius. Take a look at the words that appear in your Profile and you will have some idea of your highest potentials in life as well as the challenges that you are here to overcome. To understand these words and bring them alive in your life is the whole work of this wisdom. You can read more about the story behind your profile in the article “Hologenesis & The Sacred Wound” by Richard Rudd

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In the Gene Keys Synthesis, the vibratory rate of your aura is mirrored in three frequency ‘bands’ known as the Shadow, the Gift and the Siddhi. Although there are in fact many layers or bandwidths of frequency, this threefold language makes the Gene Keys simple to understand, contemplate and ultimately embody. The three frequency bands are laid out precisely through the Spectrum of Consciousness – the linguistic map of the 64 Gene Keys and their frequency bands.


Siddhi (Frequency) – The frequency band relating to full embodiment and spiritual realization. The very concept of frequencies and levels paradoxically dissolves when the Truth is realised as a Siddhi. The word ‘siddhi’ is from the Sanskrit meaning ‘Divine Gift’. The siddhic state only comes about when all vestiges of the Shadow, particularly at a collective level, have been transformed into light. As you enter the state of Absorption, this alchemical transformation begins to accelerate, until finally, all falls silent and you enter the state of Embodiment at the Sixth Initiation. There are 64 Siddhis and each one refers to a different expression of Divine Realisation. Even though the realisation is the same in each case, its expression will differ and can even appear contradictory. The Siddhis spoken of in the Gene Keys Synthesis are not to be confused with the way they are understood in certain other mystical traditions. The 64 Siddhis are not obstacles on the path to realization but are the very expression and fruition of realization.


Gift (Frequency) – The frequency band relating to human genius and open-heartedness. As your awareness delves more fully into the Shadow frequencies, it unlocks latent energy held within your DNA. This energy is released through your physical, astral and mental bodies as light. Physically, this can lead to changes in your body chemistry and increased vitality. Emotionally, it can lead to uplifting feelings, joyousness and a pervading sense of optimism. Mentally, it can lead to insight and great creativity. The Gift frequency is a process of gradual revelation as your true higher nature (the Siddhi) is unveiled. There are many states and stages within the Gift frequency band and it represents the quantum field where the forces of involution and evolution come together. One of the hallmarks of the Gift frequency is the ability to take full responsibility for one’s own karma – that is one’s thoughts, feelings, words and actions. At this level of frequency, one no longer identifies as a victim of any perceived external stimulus.


Shadow (Frequency) – The frequency band relating to all human suffering. The Shadow frequency band emerges from an ancient wiring in the human brain. Such wiring is based on individual survival and is linked directly to fear. The unconscious presence of fear in our system continues to enhance our belief that we are separate from the world around us. This deep-seated belief propagates a ‘victim’ mentality, since the moment we believe we are separate, we feel vulnerable and at the mercy of outside forces. When we live at the Shadow frequency band then we live within a culture of blame and shame. We blame those forces and people that we believe are outside us, and we feel shame when we believe we alone are responsible for our lives. Once you begin to understand how the Shadow frequency controls the majority of people in the world, including yourself, you realize how simple it is to move out of its grasp. Simply by shifting your attitude, you release the creative currents hidden within the Shadow frequencies and your life takes on a higher purpose. Your very suffering becomes the source of your salvation. Thus begins your journey away from those internal patterns and traits that keep you believing you are a victim and towards the inherent genius and love that is your true nature.


Your Life’s Work/Brand: This aspect of your Profile and its relevant Gene Key highlights the ideal arena of your external work in the world. This is the role that most suits your creative expression and that allows you the full freedom to be yourself without compromise. The Shadow of this Gene Key describes what tends to occur around you when you lose touch with your true self. At the other end of the spectrum, the Siddhi or highest potential of this Gene Key describes you living at the absolute zenith of your genetic potential. In your Pearl Sequence this Sphere is known as your ‘Brand’, as it guides you in how best to express your highest Gifts, in order that you can achieve true recognition in life.


Your Evolution: In direct opposition to your Life’s Work, your Evolution represents the single greatest challenge in your life. The purpose of this Gene Key is to inspire you to grow, mature and eventually flourish. The challenge of your Evolution will manifest both internally and externally through its Shadow frequency. As you learn to embrace this aspect of yourself so your life will gradually be transformed. The highest purpose of your Evolution is to allow you to transcend your own suffering and ultimately find deep and lasting peace.


Your Radiance: Your Radiance has a direct bearing on your physical, emotional and mental health. As one of your hidden Gifts, this Gene Key will either undermine your health and wellbeing through its Shadow frequency or bring great love and vitality to you through its Gift. The Radiance also has an indirect relationship to your Evolution. The more you listen to and learn from the lessons of your life, the more radiant you become. At its very highest level, your Radiance represents the final flowering of your highest mystical potential.


Your Purpose: Your other hidden Gift, your Purpose, lies hidden deep within your DNA. When you trust in your highest dreams and have the courage to manifest them through your Life’s Work, then your Purpose begins to nourish you from deep within your being. When you ignite the Gift of this Gene Key then you activate the forces of synchronicity and grace in your outer life. Your Purpose is all laid out for you already, and all you have to do is unlock it. This can only occur as you embrace your own inner nobility and express it through selfless service and unconditional love.


Your Attraction: Integral to your Venus Sequence, this Sphere represents your attractor field – a mysterious magnetic power in your aura that draws certain karmic relationships into your life at specific times. This Gene Key therefore determines the nature of who comes into your life. If you give way to the Shadow, then it will manifest as an ongoing external conflict that you will meet in your relationships. Once you have transformed the Shadow of this Gene Key, you will begin to discover its Gifts and your relationships will open up new vistas and possibilities. At the highest level, this Gene Key can also unlock the secrets of tantra – the transmutation of your sexuality into spiritual essence.


Your IQ: This Sphere relates to your third seven-year cycle from the age of 14 to 21. As this is our mental developmental cycle, the Shadow of this Gene Key governs the way in which you learned to use your mind to try and control your emotions and override your intuition. As you become aware of the pattern of this Gene Key and its controlling and stifling influence on your emotional life, so you can unlock its Gift. This will disable your primary emotional trigger, making you both less reactive and less provocative in all your relationships. Your IQ soars to encompass all possibilities in life when released from unconscious narrow-minded or opinionated thinking.


Your EQ: This Sphere relates to your second seven-year cycle from the age of 7 to 14. As this is our emotional developmental cycle, the Shadow of this Gene Key governs your primary emotional defence mechanism, which is the set pattern you adopted as a child whenever you felt unsafe. Once you have identified and released this pattern, you will become far more comfortable with your emotions, allowing them to flow naturally without feeling overwhelmed. The Gene Key relating to this point is also connected with the release of your own inner child, thus when the Gift of this Gene Key opens, you will experience a great surge of playfulness and freedom in your life. 


Your SQ: Also known as the ‘Love Point’, this Sphere relates to your first seven-year cycle from birth to age 7. As this is our physical developmental cycle, this Gene Key governs the primary physiological rhythms and structural patterns that are the basis of your identity. When your awareness reaches deep down into your Love Point, you are on the cusp of the permanent reopening of your heart for the first time since early childhood. The Shadow of this Gene Key is an unconscious pattern that undermines your self-esteem. Working through this Shadow and opening up the Gift and Siddhi of this Gene Key ensures that all your relationships can finally become deeply fulfilling and transparent.


Your Core/Vocation: The Sphere of your Core relates to the 9-month gestation period, when all your life’s patterns – physical, emotional and mental were imprinted inside your mother’s womb. Your Core reveals the final layer of your deepest potential. Woven into your DNA is an ancient wound that you share with all humanity. As your awareness penetrates this place inside yourself, so you will paradoxically experience your unity with all beings. The Shadow of this Gene Key conceals your highest Vocation – that great Gift that can one day motivate you to excel in life. As you unlock this Gene Key through following your Venus Sequence back through your childhood, you can one day bring your awareness back to the point of conception, to this wonderful mystery in which all your suffering is transformed into your Divinity.


Your Culture: The Gene Key of your Culture shows you how you best fit into the social fabric of the world. In your Pearl Sequence, the Shadow of this Gene Key directly blocks you from manifesting prosperity. By working through the fear in this Shadow, you can therefore open up a period of amazing growth in your life. The Gift and Siddhi of your Culture trigger the forces that catalyse your higher life purpose. They can also bring powerful new allies into your life to assist you in your Purpose. Your Culture also shows you how you are best designed to operate as part of a collectivity. It engenders material, emotional and spiritual prosperity.


Your Pearl: Your Pearl represents a great harvest in your life. This Gene Key brings you rewards and grace once you have let go of its underlying Shadow pattern. The Shadow of this Gene Key makes you tight, especially when you allow stress to lead you away from the beautiful and the simple. And you become tight when you succumb to the status quo, and compromise a life that could be exquisite for a life of drudgery and monotony. The Gift and Siddhi of this Gene Key remind you of what is essential in your life. When you bring your full awareness onto these Gifts, you will experience a clarity that most people can only dream of.

The Six Lines


The Six Lines form a powerful underlying pattern within the Gene Keys Golden Path, revealing a specific archetypal lens with which to view the Gene Key in your Hologenetic Profile. In essence, the six lines tell the story from Personal to Transpersonal. Each line has its own archetypes, its own wounds, its own flavor. This energy stays consistent throughout the entire Golden Path, though its particular keynotes and way of manifesting changes depending on the Sphere it is located within. Below are some key archetypal principles of each of the 6 lines.

 Line 1

Inner Essence – Introspection – Investigation – Self-Empowerment

Frequency moves from “Afraid of Own Potential” to “Solid Inner Certainty”

Responds best to “Full Information and Heartfelt Directness”

Wound of Repression – Fears must be explored and accepted, Go Within

 Line 2

Expression – Projection – Ease of Being – Passion & Relationships

Frequency moves from “Unconsciously Provocative” to “Expression of Pure Light”

Responds best to “High Frequency with No Agenda”

Wound of Denial – Look into the mirror of your relationships, Anger into Passion

 Line 3

Adaptation – Discovery – Trial & Error – Energy & Experience

Frequency moves from “Unreliable, Pessimistic & Evasive” to “Joyous, Humble & Wise”

Responds best to “Absolutely no pressure”

Wound of Shame – Confront your Commitment Issues, Learn to Laugh at Yourself

 Line 4

Friendship – Connection – Magnetic Influence – Love & Community

Frequency moves from “Hiding behind Fixed View” to “Honest, Open & Heartfelt”

Responds best to “Integrity, Honesty, Softness & Romance”

Wound of Rejection – Only you can Heal Your Heart, Be Gentle with Yourself

 Line 5

Practicality – Leadership – Organization – Power & Projection

Frequency moves from “Self-Deluded Tyranny” to “Leadership through Listening”

Responds best to “Simple & Practical Solutions”

Wound of Guilt – Be aware of the manipulation of power consciously and unconsciously, Forgive Everyone including Yourself

 Line 6

Visionary – Overseeing – Role Model – Education & Surrender

Frequency moves from “Aloof, Arrogant & Inaccessible” to “Wise & Embodied Futurist”

Responds best to “Patience”

Wound of Isolation – Watch yourself when you Disengage, Manifest your Highest Vision here in your Physical Body


For more information explore the The Golden Path Program

Each of the Sequences in your Hologenetic Profile offers a possibility to unfold a specific aspect of your higher purpose in life. Even though these are viewed as separate sequences encoding aspects of your destiny, they are all interconnected. This means that as you contemplate your sequences in the framework of your daily life, you will activate all aspects of the Hologenetic Profile simultaneously, allowing you to witness dynamic changes in your life. Designed as a tool to work alongside the 64 Gene Keys, your Hologenetic Profile contains specific phrases and keywords that provide a starting point for in-depth contemplation and dialogue concerning the Gene Keys.

The Golden Path Program is a Threefold Journey

Discovering Your Genius

The Activation Sequence highlights your four genetic Prime Gifts and focuses on the Self and the theme of your fundamental frequency – the unconscious daily attitude that dictates the pulse and shape of your life. The Four Prime Gifts are the cornerstones of your life, representing the mythic themes and challenges of your global role in this lifetime. The path through your Prime Gifts supports you to fulfil your life’s Purpose while remaining deeply grounded in the Core Stability of your physical body.

The Activation Sequence is the primary sequence in your Hologenetic Profile. It is the catalyst for a powerful transformation through a deep understanding of your 4 Prime Gifts. These describe the mythical journey that is the essence of your life. They are your Life’s Work, your Evolution, your Radiance and your Purpose. The Life’s Work and the Evolution describe what you are here to manifest externally, while the Radiance and Purpose describe the more hidden inner rewards that come about as you fully embrace the former.

Calculated from the position of the sun at the time of your birth, your Activation Sequence is triggered through your understanding and application of the laws of frequency. It is the starting point for your attunement to the higher frequencies in your personal Hologenetic Profile. By understanding and embracing the Shadow aspects of these four Gene Keys in your own life it is possible to activate their higher frequencies and bring about a subtle change deep inside yourself. By sustained contemplation on the highest frequencies of your Prime Gifts you may witness a complete transformation in your life as you unlock the true genius waiting inside you.

The Activation Sequence follows a series of three leaps in awareness that unfold in your life as you activate the higher purpose within your DNA. These inner realisations are called your Challenge, your Breakthrough and your Core Stability.

Opening your Heart through Relationships

The Venus Sequence is the path of courageous emotional opening through relationships. It is a journey that expands your heart through the correct aligning of your attractor field and the gradual release of your defence patterns. Catalysing a gentle emotional cascade in your life, the Venus Sequence supports you to let go of the pain of separation and invites you to master the great art of returning non-love with love.

Forming the heart of the Golden Path, the Venus Sequence is an extraordinary journey into the genetic currents that shaped you in the womb and the karmic forces released at the moment of your conception. Such patterns have determined who you draw into your life (Attraction) as well as your intelligence (IQ), your emotional ease (EQ) and your spiritual insight (SQ). As understanding of your own Venus Sequence unfolds, you will see how many aspects of your higher nature were shut down while you were very young. The most challenging patterns of your relationships can then be seen as holding the highest possibilities for unlocking these hidden gifts inside you.

The Venus Sequence describes the strength of your aloneness and the particular gifts that emerge through your relationship with others. Taking you through a passage of inner revelations that are directly applicable to your life, the Venus Sequence unfolds in cascades and leaps of awareness that progressively soften the defences around your heart. The inner realisations in these leaps are called Dharma, Karma, Intelligence, Love, and Realisation. Each of these pathways contain specific emotional challenges that when accepted and understood brings about a deep expression of your core essence.

Releasing your Prosperity through Simplicity

The Pearl Sequence describes the stage of genuine exchange with the universe, of giving and receiving your deepest gifts in synchronicity with the greater whole. This third path guides you towards true prosperity by helping you to find your Core Vocation. It supports you in finding the highest possible form of service you can offer to the world, through your inherent gifts.

As the natural culmination of the Golden Path, the Pearl represents the harvest of your expansion through the Venus Sequence and the Prime Gifts. Released from false identification with ancestral wounding and empowered by a new sense of your own genius, the essence at the core of your DNA reveals itself as your true inner Vocation.

The four stages of the Pearl Sequence are called the Vocation, Culture, Brand and Pearl. They describe a process of reorientation and synchronicity that brings you into contact with those people, cultures, places and dimensions that are required in order for you to fulfil your highest destiny.

Representing a great flowering in your life, the Pearl brings to you the secrets of prosperity through an embodiment of simplicity. The three final stages of Initiative, Growth and Service create a quantum leap inside your being. At this stage the entire journey of the Golden Path is integrated as you experience yourself as a unique vibrating facet in the interwoven geometry of the whole.


Your time of birth may not always have much effect on your Hologenetic Profile – it depends on whether you were born on or near a changing cusp. If in doubt, you can do several Profiles and try a range of times (e.g. early in the morning and late in the evening). Then compare the Profile report and see if there is any difference. If there is a difference, then you can read and contemplate the information given in the Golden Path Program and the Gene Keys book and trust your intuition to find the best fit for you. The Gene Keys are neither astrology nor are they a traditional profiling system. Each Gene Key and its line is a touchstone for a process of inner transformation, therefore it is not necessary to be too fixated on the system itself. The power of this work comes from your willingness to own your own Shadow patterns and your ability to envision your life at its highest frequency.