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Join a rotating cast of hosts to explore the mysteries of the Dream Arc with a global village of wisdom keepers.

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Monthly Dream Pod Calls

Available to anyone who has purchased the Dream Arc

Come together with fellow Dream Arc travelers from all over the world. At each session, we will explore the collective theme of the month, which will always add depth and insight to your Dream Arc journey. In the middle of the call, all participants are invited into randomly assigned breakout rooms. In these smaller ‘Dream Pod’ rooms we get to model the beautiful indigenous custom of 'embracing the stranger as friend'.

Inspired by some creative contemplation prompts, you will also get the chance to share your stories, experiences, and insights with others from around the world. Finally at the end, we hear from the whole group and integrate what we have learned together. Whether you just purchased the online course or have been diving deep since the beginning, all Dream Arc voyagers are welcome to join these calls.

Others may feel inspired to form their own self-organised group, and journey together with the same group of people throughout the year. You can check out the resources below to help form your own group instead.

Curious about the magic and mystery of the Dream Arc?

The Universal Love Curriculum

Contribute to a first-of-its-kind educational project in Uganda and help develop a curriculum based on the Gene Keys Dream Arc, Art of Contemplation and Universal Love.

This project is in collaboration with Samson Turinawe and his colleagues at Universal Love Alliance (ULA), a devoted group of Ugandan Wisdom Keepers and educators, and a growing global team.

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