September 9th – 15th 2023

Gene Key 47


Oppression – Transmutation – Transfiguration

This week we explore Gene Key 47, where old karmic issues from the past can sometimes resurface for us to work with. Instead of feeling overwhelmed by such forces, we can open our hearts wider and embrace the miraculous.

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Surfing the Dream Layers

Richard Rudd takes us on a journey through the key brain frequencies of alpha, theta and delta, and demonstrates to us how we can access them any time that we need support in our lives. He also guides us through a hands-on experience of how we can do this for ourselves with a simple attunement.

Join Richard & Rosy Live

Our first collective foray into the Jaguar’s Journey is drawing to a close and there are tales to imbibe. Come and join Rosy & Richard to share, receive reflections and insights from our fractal adventure:

Monday 11th at 6 pm UTC – Instagram Live
Friday 15th at 5 pm UTC – Jaguar Dreaming on Clubhouse 

Jaguars Journey – Part 4

Night – Immersed in the dreamtime

The Jaguar’s Journey is a free mini-series giving you a glimpse into the world of the Dream Arc. Whether you’re joining us for the first time or continuing on your Dream Arc journey, Jaguar welcomes you.

A Message from Jaguar
Welcome to this final part of our short but powerful journey into the dreamtime… 
We now step right into the heart of the Dreamtime itself, into the mystery of darkness, the beautiful night. Many of Gaia’s creatures are night-dwellers, more at home in the darkness than out in the sunlight of day. I myself am one of these.

Three Night Dwellers comes to teach you a universal truth. Which one do you most need right now?

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