Part 4: Night - Immersed in the dreamtime

A Message from Jaguar

Immersed in the dreamtime

Welcome to this final part of our short but powerful journey into the dreamtime… I hope you have enjoyed the various dreamscapes and their Guides and teachings. If this is your first step with me, you are right where you need to be. But if you feel you need to commit to this journey fully, you can always go back and follow my footsteps from the beginning.

We now step right into the heart of the Dreamtime itself, into the mystery of darkness, the beautiful night. Many of Gaia’s creatures are night-dwellers, more at home in the darkness than out in the sunlight of day. I myself am one of these.

To fully immerse yourself in the Dreamtime, you must become a friend of night. You must welcome her into your life – her gentle breath, her silent wisdom, her eternal mystery. Three beings have come to be your Guides now, myself included among them. Choose one of these carefully, without glamour or desire. Let your intuition show you the way to your Guide. Each of these three Night Dwellers comes to teach you a universal truth. Which one do you most need right now?

Which of these animal guides are you drawn to?

Firefly, Jaguar, or Owl? Click their images below to reveal a hidden message for you at this time...


Journey with Your Animal

Now that you have chosen a creature, give yourself some time today to journal...

  • What are you learning about the dreamtime? What is your Guide showing you? Is there a single mind-blowing insight? Wait for it to come if it hasn’t yet.

  • What is your relationship to dreaming? Consider beginning a dream journal to trigger a more lucid dream recall.

  • As you come to the end of this short program, is there a way you would like to creatively summarise what you have learned?

Resources for Deeper Dreaming

Enjoy these stories from the wonderful world of the Dream Arc as a source of inspiration for your journey...


In this sweet video, Kursten Brewer shares his experience as a young boy living with a rescued jaguar and all that he learned and lost through the experience. 

Kursten has been going through a very challenging year, which you can read about in his GoFundMe campaign. If you are moved to, you can support him financially through this GoFundMe link or Venmo, below.

A Farewell Message from Jaguar

Well humans, it is time now for me to leave you and to return to my jungle of dreams. I hope you received some wisdom from this little journey into the Dreamtime. Remember always that we creatures exist not only on your earth plane, but also in the world of dream, in different dimensions filled with magical power. Your science is still a long way from realising these things. 

As a gesture of farewell, I leave you with a journey, a musical odyssey into the spirit of Gaia. This will take an hour of your human time. Set aside this time only for this. Use your human telephonic headphone devices so that you can enter fully into the inner realms with my friends and I. And then just travel and dream….

And remember, always I am with you in the dreaming within, whenever you need me, I will hear your call….

Embark on a Musical Odyssey

This hour long musical meditation is best enjoyed with headphones. Turn down the lights, get comfortable, and enjoy the ride. Special thanks to our musical collaborators for helping bring this experience to life.

Experience the full magic of the Dream Arc...