September 4th – September 9th 2023

Gene Key 64


Confusion – Imagination – Illumination

This week we contemplate Gene Key 64, the power of the creative imagination. Commit to a new creative process this week and you will be amazed at what good fortune comes your way.

This audio is no longer available to stream. Click below to purchase, or listen to the latest free audio contemplation in the current Pulse.

Meditating with your eyes open

How does one contemplate? What is the actual process? Richard Rudd describes his own practice of contemplation and the effects it has on his inner life. This is simple, inspiring and easy for anyone to do – as Richard says: ‘It’s like meditating with your eyes open’ and is well suited to modern lifestyles.

Transform your day with the Art of Contemplation

The Triple Flame’s pausing technique involves pausing for 3 minutes every 3 hours, alongside many people spread across the globe. Regular but short pausing will infuse your busy day with contemplation, which can be an immensely enriching experience. 

1723 Pauses in last 24 hours by 883 contemplators.

Meet our Guides on Clubhouse

Sept 9 @ 12:30 pm UTC; Sept 22 @ 11:30 pm UTC

Are you curious to know what a Gene Keys Guide is and how to become one?

Come and join Jesse, Tanmayo and the Gene Keys Guides community on Clubhouse in a new series of calls exploring the many creative ways that the Gene Keys are being shared around the world by our Guides.

Every other week we will feature guest Guides and hear from them how they are spreading their genius through the Gene Keys teachings. If you are interested to know more about what it takes to be a Guide and how to build a business out of the Gene Keys, come and be inspired by the ones who are already doing it!

Calls will be Fridays and Saturdays at alternating times every two weeks. See Clubhouse for details.

Becoming a Gene Keys Guide

The Gene Keys Guides Programme is a self-study course that demonstrates how to guide others into the Gene Keys wisdom, with a strong emphasis on embodiment. Having completed this course, you will be empowered to share any aspect of the Gene Keys that you have studied with us. This comprehensive programme also gives you the creative freedom, skills and experience necessary to create a flourishing business with the Gene Keys. To qualify, you must have done both the Activation and Venus Sequence, over at least six months.

Find out more about about our Gene Keys Guides Programme.

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