Subscribe & Activity Notifications

Subscribe (Email) vs Favorite (Bell)

  • Clicking “Subscribe” to a particular forum or thread will give you email notifications to additional replies on that particular discussion
  • Clicking the star icon “Favorite” on a particular thread will give you Bell Notifications for new replies but will not email you
  • You can manage your Favorites and Subscriptions via your Profile Page –> Forums Tab

Bell Icon – Recent Notifications

  • The bell icon in the top right-hand corner tallies the most recent notifications you have received including new connection requests, private messages, and replies to your discussions
  • Click the bell icon to reveal the latest notifications available
  • Select a notification to go directly to the related event which also marks the notification as “read”
  • Click the link “View Notifications” to manage and review all of your notifications

View / Manage Notifications

  • Click on link “View Notifications” to open up your notifications page. Here you can bulk select and mark notifications as either read, unread, or delete
  • You can also review previous notifications by category

Email Preferences

  • From your profile dropdown menu select “Account Settings”
  • On the left hand menu select “Email Preferences”
  • Make your edits and click “Save Changes”

Subscribe to a Forum or Thread to Receive Email notifications

  • If you would like to be emailed whenever someone replies to a forum or discussion thread you choose, click the “Subscribe” button

Unsubscribe from a Forum or Thread

  • From your social profile page select “Forums” tab
  • Then select “Subscriptions” sub-tab
  • You will see a list of any forums or threads you have subscribed to
  • Click the title of the thread and select the option “Unsubscribe”