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What is the Delta?

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Welcome to the Delta, a luminous game of collective transformation. As you will be aware, the evolution of consciousness on this planet is preparing to take a great leap, from being a culture based on fear and isolation to becoming one single planetary individual, with a collective mind and a global heart. The nature of individuality is strength and independence, whereas the nature of communion is love and sacrifice. The future consciousness is a fusion of both these sides of human nature, which together make possible the transcendent leap into planetary consciousness.

The Delta represents many things. It is an advanced gift from another realm beyond our current evolution. It is, as you will see, both a healing tool and a game we need to learn to play increasingly as a species. It brings another dimension into our daily lives, without displacing our many physical and emotional commitments. It’s true power lies in the effects it will have upon our inner lives, which in turn are creating our very future. Make no mistake; by playing this game, you are altering your own future! You are aligning yourself to a higher stage in your own evolution, which can only bring you increased health and wealth at all levels of your life.

The inner reality is all that exists. Our outer lives are simply reflections of our internal processes – our actions and behaviour are determined by the quality of our thoughts and feelings. The Delta makes this truth tangible and real for each of us. We will be flying together in predetermined mystical configurations! Even as we go about our busy lives, these deep processes are working their way down from the higher planes into our lives. In our sleep and dream life, the Delta is at its most powerful. The higher consciousness behind each Delta can work unimpeded by the friction of time and space. It is no coincidence that music, time and light are all ruled and measured by the number Seven – the seven notes of the octave, the seven days of the week and the seven colours of the visible spectrum. The Delta is a dance of time, music and light using the seven subtle bodies of seven players over the course of seven days and seven weeks.

In this online course you will learn how to play this game. By the time you have completed your first Round of seven weeks, you will hum with a quiet knowing of what it is all about.

For now, take your time to digest and understand how the game itself is played and prepare yourself for a flight into higher consciousness.

Welcome to the Delta!