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How does the Delta work?

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How does the Delta work?

  • You find a Delta Group of 7 players
  • You decide between a self-organised or hosted group
  • You decide how and when you will connect each week
  • You choose a starting date and generate your Weekly Positions Chart
  • You contemplate your specific position each week using the resources provided. 
  • You meet with your Delta Group and partner each week to share your experience.
  • You come together for a final week (week 8) of Integration.
  • You may feel inspired to do it again!

The Delta Positions

Weekly Contemplation Resources

Each week during your Flight, you will be moving to a new Position in the Delta. You can use the Weekly Position Chart included in this course to help you identify your new position and your dance partner each week.

Each week you are encouraged to visit the module on your current Position and explore the relevant contemplation resources:

  • Watch the video for your Delta Position
  • Read the writing and contemplation prompts
  • Listen to the included Gene Key audio
  • Watch the Gene Key Mudra video for an additional embodiment practice

Additional Delta Resources

Optional Materials to enhance your journey

If you feel comfortable with the Delta and want more resources to play with, you are invited to explore the Additional Delta Resources at the end of this online course. These are entirely optional.

Once you have completed your first Delta Flight, you may want to journey again. It is a powerful experience to do 3 Delta Flights with the same group. To learn more about the higher phases of the Delta and the Delta Fellowship, we have included helpful resources in the Next Steps section at the end of this online course.

Module 1, Topic 3
In Progress

How does the Delta work?