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Extra, extra! ChangE all around us!

What changes are you going through in your life? How can you more graciously approach these changes?  

The world is moving through a great change, and everyone reading this has a part to play in it. 

Welcome to the third edition of The Monthly Gazelle, a newsletter for the Dream Arc community and anyone curious to learn more about this work and how it reconnects us to all of life and enhances our creativity. Take your time with this. Allow your intuition to guide you, and enjoy a little every day. We continue our explorations with this month’s theme, Changers, where you will meet animals and humans here to support you through personal and collective changes. 

ThE ChaNgErS

Dream Arc Changer Icon

We are the Changers. Our life blood is metamorphosis. We are symbols of transition. When you work with us, you work with the creative evolutionary impulse itself. We will reshape your psyche in new and potent ways. To work with the Changers is also to learn to face into your deep fears and to let go of that which no longer serves you.

You may use us in various ways. If you are intuitively drawn to one of us at a certain time, then it is a strong signal that some deep aspect of your being needs to go through a change. It also suggests that you have anticipated something that is coming into your life but that may not yet be visible on the surface of life. We are therefore a signal to prepare yourself for something powerful that you cannot quite yet see.

– From the Dream Arc Course

If you are unfamiliar with the 12 categories and what they are about you can watch this video introduction from Rosy Aronson. ‘The 12 Categories’.

Dream Arc Events

Earth Day Celebration

April 22nd 7pm UTC

Join Richard Rudd, Rosy Aronson, Matthew Ashdown, and guests for an Earth Day Celebration where together we will invoke the elements of air, fire, water and earth, through music, meditation and contemplation from the Gene Keys and Dream Arc community. They are joined by special guests Maureen Momo Freehill, Starbird Maricle, Shay Nichols, Teresa Collins and Esha Chiocchio, who will bring the elements to life.  

Dream Pod Calls with Tanmayo

In the spirit of the Changers, we have some changes to this month’s Dream Pod calls, accessible to anyone who owns the Dream Arc course. Mark Bentley has needed to step back at this time as we have him active in many Gene Keys arenas. We are excited to announce that in his place we will have Tanmayo Lawson, who will be offering sessions on Sundays at 9am UTC. There will no longer be a Dream Pod call on the 4th Wednesday of the month. 

Changers Digest

“All of the Changers are here to inspire and encourage us to surrender to the often-confusing ‘chaotic goop’ that is change. As Lao Tzu says, ‘If we do not change direction, we may just end up where we’re heading!’  

Often, when I can sense a change is coming—in my life or on the planet—but it’s beyond the grasp of my rational mind or the limited reach of my five senses, I turn to alternative ways of knowing. I willingly suspend my analytical brain, flick on the light of my imagination, and I spend more time doodling, humming, daydreaming, walking, dancing and paying more attention than usual to my nighttime dreams. Time and again, I find that hanging out in the mystery and letting go of needing to have a clue about anything—and I really mean anything—helps me breathe… and ultimately emerge through the dark, confusing and sometimes turbulent tunnel of transformation.”  

Rosy Aronson 

 Creatures (Not) Outside the Codex  

Get ready to meet the rule breakers, the non-conformists, the creatures that cross-pollinate between categories. 

Each month, our Gazelle will feature a brand-new animal entry written by Richard Rudd, offered as a gift to our growing Dream Arc community. May these beings inspire and encourage you to receive your own unique messages from the creatures you encounter in your everyday (and dreaming) life. Whether they’re officially or energetically included in the Animal Codex, they belong.

Photo by Frans Van Heerden


Category: Laughers/Warriors

Life Key: Fearless irreverence towards external authority

Gene Keys: 39/21

Changers: Your Role In The Great Change

with Richard Rudd

As we journey through the Dream Arc programme, it is leading us to our place within the Great Change, and the Changers invite us to contemplate our role within this vast, shifting backdrop. What is the greatest service you can offer to assist in this transformation? Allow this question to permeate deeply within you as we start to move towards the changes ahead, and consider this story, which is an extraordinary one. 

The thing about change is that we hardly ever see it coming. For example, some people talk about cryptocurrency and seem sure that it will go a particular way, while others are convinced that with all the highly-advanced technology that is being developed, we will soon get to Mars. In both cases, there is an underlying assumption that everything is going to keep heading in a certain direction, along the same tracks, but I have a deep doubt about that. If you assume that things are going to go along one track, you may have a big surprise coming because it is not necessarily going to go that way…

Changers Dream Arc Oracle

Our Changer creatures insist that words are not enough; they want you to experience some of the deeper magic of the Dream Arc. 

So, this month’s oracle is different from previous Gazelle offerings. Behind each creature you will discover an invitation to dive in and experience a change through an inspiring, nature-loving and/or creative activity. 

(And if you think you know what the message of the creature is because you have crossed its path before, think again!) 

Which of the creatures below feels like it will guide you through the changes you are experiencing at the moment? Trust in its guidance, commit to the invitation, and open up to the synchronicity of the Dream Arc. 
Radical Change

Do not tense up but soften and deepen your breath around the process of change. Breathe. Soften. Release.
Be with Mother.

Gentle Perseverence

Emotional change is rooted in biology. Mental change is subtler and can be swifter. Begin therefore with the mental plane.

Transformation Through Sacrifice

I am a Divine fire you will have to pass through. In time, you will have to discard everything you know about yourself and dive into the ocean of being.

More to Enjoy

Wisdom Keeper Spotlight

Shannon Lee

Shannon Lee is the Chair of the Bruce Lee Foundation, the CEO and Owner of the Bruce Lee Family Companies and the daughter of martial artist and cultural icon, Bruce Lee. Shannon’s overall mission is to provide access to her family’s wisdom and practices through education and entertainment and be a cause of healing and unity in the world. She is the creator of Camp Bruce Lee and other programs and community initiatives through the Bruce Lee Foundation, focusing on youth mental wellness and community healing through the mind, body, spirit teachings of her father Bruce Lee. Shannon also hosts the Bruce Lee Podcast and executive produces the series Warrior now streaming on Netflix!. Her first book, Be Water, My Friend, offers insight into how to use her father’s philosophies toward a more fluid, peaceful and fulfilling life. To connect more with Shannon and participate in her own teachings and creative projects, subscribe to her website www.leewaymedia.com. New books and podcast offerings coming spring 2024 and 2025!

This, to me, is the Dragon's offering for the individual – it unites the masculine and the feminine, and it brings magic to the mundane, and it brings grounding to your magic. If allowed, the Dragon can help you face your fears in order to reveal the priceless treasure that is hidden within your heart. Dragon teaches the alchemical power that spins mere existence and survival into spiritual gold. Its body represents the union of differences and marriage of opposites, the integration of extremes into oneness. Being the fusion of what flies and what crawls, it stands for synthesis and evolution with the result of healing all inner conflict into the birth of our sacred being. The Dragon transforms. It ignites the sacred task of becoming one with life. It occupies the domain of the spiritual warrior and the commitment to release oneself from limitation.

'The problem is never apart from the solution. The problem is the solution, and it is perception alone that can help you to remove all obstacles.'

Community Contributions

Voicing the Sounds Of Nature

You can receive the messages of nature through your own voice. Filmed during one of the monthly Dream Pod calls, Dream Arc contributor, Starbird Maricle, offers a unique and sublime way of harmonising with nature. She shows us how we too can do it by gathering objects from nature and how textures can be interpreted through different musical tones.

Dreamy Dialogues - with Moali

In this month’s Dreamy Dialogues podcast with Martyn and Kasia, they interview Moali.

Moali is an Artist devoted to the creative mystery that lies deep within her. Her passion now is to explore how to weave social justice into her work and inspire others to use art for creative liberation for the collective.

Updates from the Universal Love Curriculum (ULC)

The Universal Love Curriculum (ULC) is a collaboration between the Gene Keys Syntropy Hub, Samson Turinawe, a devoted group of Ugandan Wisdom Keepers and educators, and a global, multidisciplinary Curriculum Team. It is based upon the wisdom of the Dream Arc and Gene Keys and is something we continue to support through our Syntropy Hub.

The ULC Team has been making steady progress with the support of our amazing Gene Keys and Dream Arc communities. 

Here are just a few things you may be interested in knowing since we began our recent campaign: 

Donations have reached $7,721
A Brand New ULC YouTube Channel is available (Subscribe here)
Earth Family book donations have reached 100

Many wonderful people have enthusiastically reached out to us with offers to volunteer after we publicly announced the ULC in December of 2023. We are so grateful. Over time, as the team grows and the project unfolds, there will be a greater need for volunteers. If you feel inspired to support in some way, please fill out the form below, as this will give the ULC team an idea of how they can best receive your gifts and generosity in the months to come.

Share your journey in a safe a collaborative a creative space

Our weekly Clubhouse gatherings are open to the public – see you there!

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