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Welcome to the third edition of The Monthly Gazelle, a newsletter for the Dream Arc community and anyone curious to learn more about this work and how it reconnects us to all of life and enhances our creativity. Take your time with this. Allow your intuition to guide you, and enjoy a little every day. We continue our explorations with this month’s theme, Messengers. 

What messages await you to support you in this moment of life? 

Join us in kindling the magic within the Messengers category! 


What timely messages will you receive this month? Will they be visionary messages, messages from loved ones in spirit, messages about health, messages from the past or future, or even warnings? There are many possibilities and they can relate to any area of life that you may have been quietly inquiring about. 

Immerse yourself in the profound insights of creatures and Wisdom Keepers who weave their messages into a rich tapestry. Whether you are just acquainting yourself with the Dream Arc or actively pursuing your quest, the words you read, the visuals you watch, and the sounds you listen to will unveil the interconnected threads of your unique journey within the Dream Arc community. These messages transcend boundaries and speak to all hearts.

If you are unfamiliar with the 12 categories and what they are about you can watch this video introduction from Rosy Aronson. ‘The 12 Categories’.

Dream Arc Events

Equinox Community Gathering​

Join us for this online Equinox Celebration, hosted by Rosy Aronson and Tanmayo Lawson, and featuring music, poetry and Wisdom Keeper transmissions. And meet Shannon Lee of the Bruce Lee Foundation, Wisdom Keeper of her father’s Dragon lineage. 

Dream Arc Initiation Retreat ​

Coming Soon! Join Rosy Aronson, Richard Rudd & Matthew Ashdown for the Dream Arc Initiation Retreat, July 2024. With weekly live events and inspirational resources our online retreats offer rich experiences for deep personal and collective contemplation.

Messengers Digest

‘You’re about to go on a treasure hunt—one that’s full of twists and turns and wonderful surprises. There is a message waiting for you, and this message has the potential to reveal another message which has the potential to unlock yet another which just may change your whole life. And I really mean it.

So if you go for it, the messages that you receive will not only inform and inspire you, they will help turn you into the wise, embodied messenger that you are meant to be.’ 

~ Rosy Aronson

 Creatures (Not) Outside the Codex  

Get ready to meet the rule breakers, the non-conformists, the creatures that cross-pollinate between categories. 

Every month, we will feature a new entry written by Richard Rudd. Perhaps these unique creatures will offer something to the entire Dream Arc community as we turn our attention to them. Perhaps they might inspire you to receive your own unique messages from the creatures. 


'How will you rise back to the surface with the power of the walrus, to claim your birthright in the world?'

Category: Warriors/Unifiers

Life Key: Collective Warrior Wisdom

Gene Keys: 38/48

The Messengers

with Richard Rudd

The Dream Arc is alive and is communicating with us through its creatures. When you truly switch on and plug in to the Dream Arc, there is a treasure of information to explore, digest and contemplate. It is good to be aware of the potential of getting caught up in fantasy, though, and perhaps getting lost in it, ’Oh, the robin told me I must shave my head!’ Of course, the true messages that come to us are deeper and more profound than that! They could be messages of love or encouragement, or a message where the creature delivers something that we need, whether it be a skill, a habit, a strategy, a way of seeing something differently or of adapting to a situation, or a clue or a secret that will change your behaviour so that you can harmonise more with your life. This is the real role of the Messengers.

Messengers Dream Arc Oracle

In the Messengers, you will discover a creature that is patiently waiting in anticipation of delivering you a timely message.

What question do you have for the oracle today? Where in your life do you most need a message? Consider this question now and allow your intuition to guide you, and see what it sparks for you on your personal journey. You can invite it in for a moment or a month, the choice is yours. 


Click the icon above and ask the Messengers...

More to Enjoy

Wisdom Keeper Spotlight

Mbali Marais

Mbali is a global medicine woman and wisdom keeper, initiated stick diviner in the Dagara tradition. Her journey originated in South Africa where she was born. She is descendant of a Khoi Khoi female healer as confirmed by Credo Mutwa and has recently been accepted as a daughter of the AmaGhebe clan from Xhosa tradition in rural Eastern Cape. She is an initiated Igqira (Indigenous Healer in the Xhosa tradition) her ancestors are also French Huguenots, Bushmen, Dutch and Portuguese. 

'Modern-day initiations such as loss of a partner, home, self-worth, identity and illness, cause us now, more than ever, to live with fear, and uncertainty. Self-help methods have been exhausted and we feel betrayed and immobile, no longer willing to take risks. We have become disconnected from our source, and each other and we have forgotten the work we came here to do. The result is a spiritual homelessness and a fear of the unknown. Medicine abounds everywhere, we only need look up to see the sign from the hawk or down to see the ant, the healing of a plant, the message in the wind or a thunderstorm. What is calling us to wake up?'

Community Contributions

Dreamscapes - Daily Dance
with Momo Freehill

Play Video

Momo Freehill is one of our Gene Keys Ambassadors and a host of several spaces, including our Monday Dream Arc Clubhouse call. Here she shares her intimate journey with landscape through a practice that took her on a deep life journey. You can experience Momo’s work at the event linked below, and registration is open until April 5th.

Dreamy Dialogues - with Matthew Ashdown, Dream Arc Squire

In this month’s Dreamy Dialogues podcast with Martyn and Kasia, we meet Matthew Ashdown, familiar to some as the treasured Dream Arc Squire. Myth and the Dream Arc go hand in hand, and Matthew’s passion for the Grail myths that span millennia have inspired his life’s journey. These myths have followed him to his new home in the form of bear medicine.

Experience the ULC - Meditation​

Samson, Rose, and Orion of the Universal Love Curriculum (ULC), recently provided our community with an experience of their magic. In this guided meditation with Samson and Rose, you will meet your unique guide from the realms of nature. 

Enjoy the full experience and subscribe to their YouTube channel by clicking the link below to join collectively in support of this amazing project. 

Symbolism & Discernment ​

How do you discern between a psychotic mind and a healthy, awakened, mystical mind, or between the kind of symbolism or magical thinking that can lead to dissociation, delusion and fear-based superstition? In this video – an excerpt from a longer video in the course – Rosy Aronson offers some thoughts and reflections for those of us who are open to receiving signs and symbols.

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