Part 3: Ocean - Trusting in the nature of play

A Message from Jaguar

Trusting in the nature of play

Welcome to this third part of our little journey into the Dreamtime. Now we move into the oceans. These are not my personal territory, so you will need a Guide from this realm. The ocean is about play and freedom. Once you can master your intuition in the jungle and break out of overwhelm in the desert, now you are ready to play and flow in the ocean of your being…

Three ocean dwellers have come forward to serve you at this time. Open your heart, listen to your intuition and choose one of these three as your Guide into the oceans. Each brings specific guidance connected to unlocking freedom and flow in your life so that you can step into a deeper trust in life. Ultimately, it is trust that leads to play.

If this is your first experience with me, you are right where you need to be. But if you feel you need to commit to this journey fully, you can always go back and follow my footsteps from the beginning. 

Which ocean dweller are you drawn to work with?

Seahorse, Seal, or Puffin? Click their images below to reveal a hidden message for you at this time. The full codex entry is available for these three creatures too, you just need to click on 'View Codex Entry' when the text pops up.


Journey with Your Animal

Now that you have chosen your ocean Guide...

  • What is your relationship to water like? Do you spend time around it? You may wish to do so now.

  • How easily does your life flow? Do you feel surrendered to a greater flow? Spend a day focused entirely on flow.

  • Let your Guide teach you about Trust and Play. Your task is to find something or someone that truly makes you laugh. Do not move to the next phase until you have found this!

Resources for Deeper Dreaming

Enjoy these stories from the wonderful world of the Dream Arc as a source of inspiration for your journey...

Richard Rudd shares insights on the power of laughter and delight he received in a regression. To dive deeper you can click on the link to the full version at the end. 

Rosy Aronson offers insightful guidance on the power of water to open our hearts and feel our emotions. 

Perhaps you will be inspired to tap into your own playfulness by going on a playful pilgrimage and engaging with the natural world around you. In this short audio you will find some inspiration from Rosy Aronson. 

Experience the full magic of the Dream Arc...