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Philanthropy is not the privilege of the wealthy, but a requirement of the healthy. 

The above statement is the foundation of the Pearl teachings. If you have travelled through both the other sequences of the Golden Path, then the Pearl will bring these teachings to their crowning glory. If you have begun your journey here with the Pearl, then this will become the foundation for your journey to come. In either case, you need to prepare yourself for a major breakthrough in your life.

This breakthrough may also come as a surprise to you. You may have the idea that breakthroughs are dramatic, like peals of thunder rolling around the sky. Your breakthrough through the Pearl may be different, because this is a teaching about simplicity. Once your heart begins to open, it lends your life a whole new perspective – to be of greater service to the world. The three P’s of the Golden Path are synthesised in the Pearl – Purpose, Partnership and Prosperity – they each depend on each other and feed each other.

Our world right now needs a new kind of human and a new approach to business. The Pearl describes a new kind of philanthropic human and lays out the possibilities of a new approach towards money.

A vision of simplicity

May your heart find this vision of simplicity and may your mind become lucid and clear. May prosperity ripple out into your life, bringing you unseen joys as well as being a deep comfort in challenging times.

Richard Rudd