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The Gene Keys Approach

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The Four Qualities

The Gene Keys Approach invites us to develop our humility through embodying the four qualities that lie at the heart of the Gene Keys. Please consider these values as you navigate the Gene Keys teachings.

  • Contemplation – taking full responsibility for one’s inner state, using everyday challenges for growth and transformation.  
  • Inquiry – asking the profound introspective questions, inviting wisdom to come from within. Cultivating a state of authentic presence in all situations. 
  • Gentleness – nurturing a kind and gracious approach towards self and others. Encouraging a spirit of unwinding and unlearning versus striving and fixing. 
  • Patience – cultivating compassion, honesty and curiosity with an inherent trust in the underlying process.  


This programme is a personal journey of self-exploration that should not be entered into lightly. Your participation in this programme is your acceptance that we do not provide any type of psychological, therapeutic support or other professional advice. You are fully responsible for your own wellbeing, choices and actions. 

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