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Liberating your Prosperity

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Take your time reading and absorbing the text below. There are a lot of concepts to weave together. Use your Notes function and stop regularly to follow your own creative responses.


Welcome to Part 3 of the Golden Path – the Pearl. The Pearl brings the whole Golden Path to a glowing crescendo of consciousness. It is both a revelation and a conclusion. Your commitment to this path of contemplation shows that you have within you the capacity to embody these teachings at the deepest level. When we come to the Pearl, we will discover some final extraordinary twists in the tale of human consciousness. Here we will enter into the domain of the miraculous. We will invoke the possibilities of our common future – of a newly arising communal awareness that can bridge these seemingly separate biological vehicles, and forge a new kind of humanity whose higher purpose is to manifest the true meaning of prosperity.

The words that underpin the Gene Keys revelation are very carefully chosen. Every word resonates with a specific frequency. You will note that the title of the Pearl combines the two elements of Prosperity and Liberation – two words that are perhaps not often considered together. We will learn that the liberation of prosperity is about coming to a profound clarity of mind as well as gaining a vision of simplicity. We will also see how our capacity to thrive hinges on our ability to integrate both spiritual and material poles in our lives.

The other vital truth to be remembered here at the beginning of this third phase of your inner voyage concerns the relationship of your inner life to your outer life. In the introduction to the Golden Path, we learn that the potential outcome of this journey is to attain a state known as individuation.

Individuation refers to a process whereby the many different aspects of your life – your dreams, your relationships, your health, your finances, your spirituality – are brought together into an integrated harmony. 

An individuated human being is a person whose inner life is in exact harmony with their outer life. In such a person, everything has become simplified. The power of your aloneness is the font of your strength, but it in no way isolates you from your community. On the contrary, your aloneness serves to strengthen your bonds within your community. In an individuated being, many emotional states are naturally processed and transmuted internally, causing far less friction, confusion, or energy loss in the environment. This also brings far more ease and simplicity into all your relationships. The more individuated you become, the more energy efficient you become.

These words from the introduction remind us of the whole purpose of the Golden Path voyage – to purify, intensify, and clarify your inner life in order that it ripples out, and becomes manifest in your outer life. In the Activation Sequence, we learn to become anchored in a deep sense of purpose as a knowing within the cells of our physical body. This, in time, will lead to a life of higher purpose lived in the world. Similarly, the Venus Sequence teaches us gently to coax our hearts open by fully entering into the nature of our suffering and thereby transforming it. This, in time, will lead to the manifestation of many truly fulfilling and open-hearted relationships.

The Pearl Sequence naturally follows the Venus Sequence, as the harvest that arises from the first two sequences. Through the embodiment of our higher purpose and the opening of our heart, we engage the universe to assist us in our own higher destiny in the outer world. In the Pearl, we witness our true vocation choreographing the forces of synchronicity and bringing us into concert with a higher harmony involving many others operating at a similar frequency. In the Pearl, we also learn to further refine our outer expression through a continual contemplation of the essential in life. 

Contemplating the Essential

What do we mean by contemplating the essential? This is the whole work of the Pearl. In our Pearl Sequence, we will contemplate four Spheres and their Gene Keys and Lines. Through the Shadows of these Gene Keys, you will see the various ways in which your life leaks energy and vital power. The Pearl is like a mini-genetic circuit inside you – a thrive capacitor that condenses, fuses, and focuses the entire potential of your higher purpose into a single integrating zero point within you – the central Sphere known as the Pearl

As you will see, half the secret of prosperity is knowing what prosperity really means for you. We may have an image of our life that is at odds with the natural flow of our destiny, and it is this conditioned image that actually blocks the flow of true prosperity from manifesting. As you continue to open your heart more within your relationships, your priorities and principles may well begin to change. What once seemed important to you, may well fade into the horizon of your past, to be replaced by a vision rooted in simpler qualities that you perhaps used to overlook. Contemplating the essential therefore has a lot to do with the architecture of your inner life – your secret desires and expectations, as well as your unconscious beliefs and dreams.

As we enter into the realm of our Pearl Sequence, we shift planes once again – this time from the emotional/astral plane to the mental plane. The Pearl teaches us about the true nature and power of thought. We will come to see thinking as an extension of our deepest essence. It is a whirling emanation that can stir hidden forces into action, and instead of trapping us into a tight inner world of limiting beliefs, it can open us up to a wholehearted experience of consciousness at play. 

Thinking as our deepest essence

The Money Question

Our modern world, whether we like it or not, revolves around money. We have become so used to this, that very few of us question it or even contemplate what the world might be like without money.  As adults, money occupies a huge part of our thoughts and feelings. It is an intriguing truth, that it is very hard to find a person in the world who doesn’t wish he or she had more money! The Pearl opens up this subject of money for deep contemplation. Much has already been spoken on the subject of money, and much money has been made by people speaking on the subject! As the goal of the Venus Sequence is to open our hearts, the goal of the Pearl is to help us to fully prosper. And just as we open our hearts by forgiving ourselves and by taking a softer approach, so we learn to prosper by dropping our mental tightness around money. In both cases, we are learning to open inwardly rather than doing anything externally.

The Pearl gives us a new vision of the world. It even goes so far as to envisage a world where money is no longer needed. In this sense, it is a teaching ahead of its time, but it also provides us with a bridge to this extraordinary future. Sometimes we need to step fully beyond our current set of mental parameters, in order to see the present moment with clarity. A great deal of the wisdom of the Pearl involves seeing with clarity. Once we can see our own mind with absolute clarity, then the habits we have learned, and the anxiety we feel about money can dissipate. Remarkably, for most people, prosperity comes simply through deep mental clarity. 

As we gain a new inner clarity through the Pearl, so we may well begin to make adjustments to our lives externally. This need not be through any conscious technique or strategy, but can emerge organically and in its own time. In the Golden Path, the Pearl is like the coda in a piece of music. It takes the momentum of the first two sequences and brings them to a structural conclusion. It also draws together all the elements of the whole Golden Path, and threads them into a complete tapestry. 

Prosperity is therefore a result of purpose, and it follows and flows through an open-hearted approach to life. It also allows you the traveller to distil the contemplative wisdom that you have garnered along the way, and bring it to bear on your own life in a practical way. In this regard the Pearl is an exciting moment in your evolution, because it offers you the inner proof of the validity of your engagement, and is the reward of your commitment. 

Going beyond ordinary mental parameters

The Purpose of Life is to Thrive

In the Activation Sequence, we learn that our purpose in life is not only an external journey, but a deep-seated knowing in our DNA. To touch into your own higher purpose is to come fully into the present moment, into the wonderful vibrant pulse of life inside our body. When we feel and know our purpose as our essence, then we radiate health and vitality. Our body thrives and this thriving is life itself breathing through us. In the Venus Sequence, hologenetically folded up like a series of Russian dolls inside the Sphere of our Purpose, we learn what it means to thrive in relationship. Our hearts open in love and friendship, and we discover the higher purpose hidden in the chemistry of each relationship in our lives. 

This gradual opening and softening also gives us a greater core stability, lending us a new strength from the inside out. In the Pearl, this opening extends further into our community through our work. Whatever our work is – whether it is a role in the business community, a creative impulse, or a role in service, that work is a potential outlet for our ability to thrive within the greater community of humanity. Purpose therefore has a threefold nature as it knits together our physical health, our ability to love and be loved, and our working life. When we are prospering, then all three of these aspects of our life are in harmony. The mystery of the Golden Path is that it shows you the natural sequence that brings this harmony about. 

Our sense of purpose is vital for our physical body to thrive. Without a basic sense of self-esteem we cannot progress any further along the Golden Path. Love will remain locked to us. However, as soon as we activate this deep feeling of inner purpose, then we have a strong foundation for entering the profound voyage of Love. And as we begin to open our hearts to life once again through the teachings of our Venus Sequence, then we will begin to experience the spontaneous flowering of the Pearl as the forces of good fortune and prosperity flow into our life.

Purpose therefore has a threefold nature as it knits together our physical health, our ability to love and be loved, and our working life. When we are prospering, then all three of these aspects of our life are in harmony.

Prosperity versus Wealth

Before we enter into a contemplation of our Pearl Sequence, we need to have a clear understanding of the difference between prosperity and wealth. Wealth can be seen as the stockpiling of energy or money. It is generally regarded as a healthy thing to have as much money as possible in order to feel secure in life. This widely held belief drives much of our society. The Pearl however directly challenges the urge or need to create wealth. Wealth is heavy. Rather than creating freedom and a sense of purpose, it tends to create a deep energetic drag in our lives. The more we have, the more we feel a need to spend it, and the more we spend it, the more complicated our lives become. We accumulate more stuff and more responsibilities. We humans so often complicate our lives without even realising it.

This natural tendency to want to spend the money we have (and indeed the money we don’t have!) is worthy of further consideration. Why do we feel the need to do this? Perhaps the reason lies deeper than we realise. When we look at nature, we see a similar pattern. Once the fruit has flowered, the tree drops it to the ground. Nature doesn’t hoard. Nature is constantly flowering and releasing in tune with the seasons. This is the great secret of prosperity – the secret of flow. Whereas wealth stagnates, prosperity is a flow. We receive and then we give, creating a vacuum into which life once again flows. 

This is the great secret of prosperity – the secret of flow. Whereas wealth stagnates, prosperity is a flow.  

Prosperity is also about more than spending the energy we have accumulated – it is about spending it in the right way. It is about spending it on the essential – on that which enhances, inspires, simplifies, and lightens, rather than on the inessential, which drains, burdens, and complicates your life.

As you enter into the transmission of the Pearl, you are invited to begin an inventory of your own life. You may wish to look around your home and consider the things which are essential, as opposed to those which are inessential. William Morris, the father of the Arts and Crafts Movement in the nineteenth century famously said:  ‘Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful’. 

You can also extend this inventory of the essential to other areas – the most important of all being your time. How do you spend your time? What does the essential mean for you? For most people, essential time refers to two things: time to fulfill our basic responsibilities and time for personal enrichment. What does personal enrichment mean to you and what importance do you place on it? To experience the flow of prosperity in your life, you will need to know the answers to these questions.

Prosperity is a state of mind. It is an attitude, a knack, and a delight we must learn to cultivate. The Pearl will repeatedly ask you to look at the ways in which you accumulate weight: this can be physical, emotional, and intellectual. There is no judgement in any of this – we are simply having the courage to look honestly at ourselves once again.

That was a lot to take in…take a pause to contemplate these questions:

  • To what extent does your inner life match your outer life? Draw a line down a page and explore the differences and similarities.
  • How would you describe your current relationship to money? Try and find a symbol or metaphor for this.

To Prosper is to Serve

The above statement, simple though it sounds, unlocks another of life’s great secrets – that through giving our time in service to a higher purpose, we can find a short-cut to prosperity. 

This is the mystical version of a get rich quick programme! When our heart opens fully (as described in the Venus Sequence), it naturally floods us with the urge to share our love as widely as possible. Unconditional love is a kind of healthy pressure inside us, like a lustrous raincloud looking for a dry pasture to fall upon. Most of the world’s great mystical traditions and religions have this urge to do good at their heart. The trick is to do good for the right reason, and in the right way, at the right time. Your Pearl Sequence will help you to see how and where you are best designed to serve your higher purpose. 

The urge to be of service, although highly noble, can also be a great inner trap. It is one of the many ways in which the Shadow frequency can distract us away from our own deeper issues. Sometimes we give, in order not to have to receive. For many of us, receiving love is the thing we secretly yearn for the most, and it is also the thing we fear the most. To prosper, our lives must be an equal balance of giving and receiving. We must serve ourselves, our relationships and the world in equal measure. You can look again at your own life, and see whether any of these areas are overweight or underweight. The Pearl will help you to redress this balance. We may be wealthy on the material plane, but unlucky in love, or we may have a loving relationship, but struggle with money. Prosperity cannot be compartmentalised, but is a total phenomenon, embracing all aspects of our lives simultaneously. It is unifying, simple, and surprisingly easy to bring into your life.

Prosperity cannot be compartmentalised, but is a total phenomenon, embracing all aspects of our lives simultaneously. It is unifying, simple, and surprisingly easy to bring into your life.

The Money Triangle: the structure of the Pearl

Your Pearl Sequence operates in a different way from the other two Sequences that comprise the Golden Path. Although it still unlocks in a sequence, it creates an energetic vortex in your life. At the centre of this vortex is the Pearl itself – the crystalisation of your prosperity. Your Pearl blooms as a reward unlocked by the currents of grace. It is the result of a quantum effect that is triggered through the manifestation of your higher purpose on the material plane.

The mystery of the Golden Path occurs as we embody its truths. Your Hologenetic Profile offers a limited two-dimensional view of these truths. It is simply a pathworking tool that we can use to remind us of the various universal principles that bring about prosperity on all levels. The Pearl Sequence is structured as a triangle with a central hub. Each point of this triangle is imprinted through one of three planetary archetypes. These are Mars, Jupiter, and the Sun – three of the great masculine archetypes in the heavens. Just as the Venus Sequence is a feminine transmission, so the Pearl is more masculine. 

The world of money has always seemed to require a more masculine approach – at least that is, until now. Following the Venus Sequence, the Pearl describes a completely new approach to money that is so radical, it will likely take many centuries to be fully realised. 

The basis of the Pearl is the universal principle of philanthropy. We sometimes also refer to this using a new word: syntropy. Syntropy is the intelligent and healthy redistribution of energy within a system that brings a higher harmony to that system, allowing it to fully thrive and transcend its own limitations. This redistribution is not only material, but also mental and emotional. 

In the Venus Sequence, we learn that intelligence requires that our ideas and impulses come into alignment with higher principles, so it is often our thoughts and beliefs that have to change first of all. This is the other reason why the Pearl has a more masculine orientation – because it is about the mind as opposed to the emotions. Your Pearl Sequence reorients your thinking around money, and the whole concept of making money. We do not make money. We watch money come in, and we watch it go out. The trick then is not about making money. As we shall see, the trick is all in the watching.

Syntropy is the intelligent and healthy redistribution of energy within a system that brings a higher harmony to that system, allowing it to fully thrive and transcend its own limitations.

The Eye of Horus: the eye of the needle

For millenia mankind has used symbols to encode the truths we have discovered. The power of a symbol is that it lends itself to being understood across many dimensions. We can understand it mentally, we can see it visually, and we can sense its meaning intuitively. One of the symbols used by many cultures is that of the all-seeing eye. In Egyptology this is known as the Eye of Horus. The eye of Horus also appears as the eye of providence, and famously appears on the back of the US one dollar bill. The eye is a symbol of the unbroken awareness of the siddhic state of consciousness. It might therefore seem unusual to see it connected to money and to providence or fortune. 

The all-seeing eye represents the eternal present moment, and our ability to rest in this moment is the secret to unlocking true prosperity. To live in the present moment is to live with lightness, without baggage or worries. Prosperity demands that we drop our mental projections of the world and our dreams of how our life might be better one day. 

Prosperity has nothing to do with money or with the future – it is the living current of vital presence that is ever-emerging from our core. Money is one of the great sticking places for our addictive thinking. We think we need more money, but that train of thinking constantly pulls us out of the present moment where prosperity lives.

The Pearl teachings, like all the Gene Keys teachings, are founded upon universal truths. When Christ spoke the words: It is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God – he spoke a great truth. No matter if this is even an incorrect translation of the original text, as some claim. It remains a truth. He was talking about the difference between wealth and prosperity. To prosper is to be light in consciousness, rather than being weighed down by our perception. The mistake we make is to try and find happiness. We tend to believe that happiness has to do with having more money, so we trap ourselves in a net of our own expectations and hopes. 

The very word prosper is rooted in the Latin meaning to hope for. We hope for happiness in the future, instead of accepting that which is in the present. In the present, we find something far greater than happiness – we find fulfilment. To be fulfilled means to be at ease deep inside your own being. Happiness comes and happiness goes. Sadness comes and sadness goes. But fulfilment is the field that lives behind both poles, and fulfilment is analogous to true prosperity.

Begin an inventory of what is essential in your life. Include possessions, as well as relationships beliefs and viewpoints. Continue working on this list throughout the programme.

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Liberating your Prosperity