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Welcome to our first-ever edition of The Monthly Gazelle, a newsletter for the Dream Arc community and anyone curious to learn more.

We look forward to journeying with you over the next twelve months guided by the 12 categories of the Dream Arc and beyond that into the dreams yet to be dreamt. You will receive inspirational videos, articles, audio and more, including exclusive content not featured in the course. You can enjoy them whether you have the course or not. 

We begin with an auspicious category, the Dreamers, here to help us all dream a new world into being.

Take your time with this, as it is a month’s worth of content, and allow your intuition to guide you and enjoy a little every day.


This month, we will spark some magic from the Dreamers category of creatures and Wisdom Keepers, with their theme of weaving dreams between dimensions. If you are new to the Dream Arc or don’t own the course, we trust you will enjoy some of the exclusive samplings here. Alternatively, you may be someone already immersed in the course and on your quest, but as you read, watch, and listen, you will be able to see how your unique journey weaves within the collective journey of the Dream Arc community. We dream together…

If you are unfamiliar with the 12 categories and what they are about you can watch this video introduction from Rosy Aronson. ‘The 12 Categories’.

Dreamers Digest

The Dreamers are here to welcome you into the cosmic boundless and orgasmic ocean, a gorgeous mystery perfectly designed to trickle past your logical brain and into your life, beckoning your mystical mind to open up, receive and be transformed as a result. 

So get ready to swim in all directions, to flow up and down a multitude of levels, in and out of layers upon layers of waking and sleeping experience and everything in between. 

And remember, if you want to understand your dreams, you have to be willing to enter into their terrain—into the realms of myth, of archetype, of fantasy, fairy tale and song.

~ Rosy Aronson


 Creatures (Not) Outside the Codex  

Get ready to meet the rule breakers, the non-conformists, the creatures that cross-pollinate between categories. 

Every month, we will feature a new entry written by Richard Rudd. Perhaps these unique creatures will offer something to the entire Dream Arc community as we turn our attention to them. Perhaps they might inspire you to receive your own unique messages from the creatures. 

Elise Cashman Bond


'If you can dream it, it is possible. Let this be your creed’.

Category: Dreamers/Healers

Life Key:  Gift of Boundless Dreaming

Gene Keys: 41/35

Surfing the Dream Layers

with Richard Rudd

This article is from the video “Surfing the Dream Layers” which you can watch instead of read, should you wish. 

I’d like to just share a little with you about how the brain works, and the structure of the frequencies of our brain. Our brain operates across multiple frequencies simultaneously. They all have Greek names.

Gamma Brain Waves

Let’s start with Gamma. Gamma waves are brain waves of heightened awareness that open up to the potential for us to have breakthroughs and epiphanies – real insights into things that we don’t normally see, leaps in awareness. And that’s a state of intense awakeness.

Drawn to a Dreamer?

In the Dreamers category, you will find Fear Keys, Life Keys and Vision Keys, each guiding you to a specific theme or challenge in your life. Allow your intuition to guide you to one of the symbols below and allow its guidance to take you on a journey. 

Fear of Uniqueness

You may not know it, but I am a being of great purity.

Courageous Idealism

In my bones I hold the mystical secrets of the Aurora.

Vision of Mystical Illumination

I come to remind you of the glories of heaven.

Wisdom Keeper Spotlight - Snow Raven

As an initiate of the ancient indigenous shamanic lore of her region of Siberia, Snow Raven has been tasked with the unique role of bridging ancient wisdom with modern culture. Her chosen medium for this is her powerful, versatile and beautiful voice.

"I do healing work. I would call that ceremonial journeying, but it's really working with frequencies. So, if I want to work with the lower-world energy, which is related to our fears, I do low-frequency sounds, like reindeer breath, for example. Reindeer, when they run long distances, they have this particular alternative breathing pattern that helps them to preserve their energy, so northern minority people mimic that. Also, throat singing and mimicking bird and animal sounds such as an owl or a raven. And when I go more into middle-world sounds – the middle frequency – it's all about traditional songs. It's finding harmony with Mother Nature, with the spirits."

Community Collaborations

Skylark Pod - Creative Contributions

At the end of our 3 month Dream Arc Initiation Retreat last year, we gathered photos and submissions from our participants, known as the Skylark Pod, from around the world. Rosy Aronson then wove her magic, and now we have this inspiring video to share with you. We love seeing the creativity of our community raising the vibration of the planet. 

The Universal Love Curriculum

Contribute to a first-of-its-kind educational project in Uganda and help develop a curriculum based on the Gene Keys Dream Arc, Art of Contemplation and Universal Love. This project is in collaboration with Samson Turinawe and his colleagues at Universal Love Alliance (ULA), a devoted group of Ugandan Wisdom Keepers and educators, and a growing global team.

Alison Duhanna is a Gene Keys Guide and one of the hosts of our weekly Friday Dream Arc meetups on Clubhouses. Here, she shares a short poem inspired by the tales of Narnia and her Dreamer guide, Piranha.

Dreamscapes - Maria Hoffman

Listen to this on Soundcloud here 

We all live in different dreamscapes, wherever we find ourselves in the world. For some of us it may be by the ocean, for some in a sprawling metropolis, and for others a village tucked away in the forest. In this new series of videos, we are sharing videos from community members the world over as they reflect on inspirations from their dreamscapes. We need not seek out distant lands, our reconnection with nature can happen wherever we find ourselves right now. 

Meet Martyn & Kasia

Listen to this on Soundcloud here

Richard and Rosy sit down in this heart-opening interview to speak with Martyn Sibley and Kasia Miszczak, who you will be hearing much more from throughout the year ahead. Martyn and Kasia will be interviewing dynamic speakers and creators about all kinds of Dream Arc-related topics in a monthly Youtube series. They both have stories of how work with the Dream Arc and Gene Keys has helped them in many ways. And of course there are a few creature synchronicities. 

Maria Hoffman will be one of three core hosts, along with Annabel Vizcarra and Mark Bentley, of the upcoming Gene Keys Activation Retreat in February.

Share your journey in a safe a collaborative a creative space

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  1. I Love This!! ❤️❤️ Missed the dream arc family and the weekly updates in my mailbox.
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  2. Thank you so much to all You wonderful, Creative Fellow-Dreamers, DreamArc Team, Skylark-Pod (I‘m one of the pod ?) Supporters, Guides, Hosts…..
    I absolutely love the graphics of the Monthly Gazelle!
    Deep gratitude to all the work and content put into this !!!

  3. Thank you for holding this amazingly powerful container. I’ve just had the Community call and it’s beyond words inspiring and activating. Even though the retreat is over, the magical flow is definitely on! Deep gratitude to all who makes it possible, both the GK team and the Dream Arc beings!

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