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We live during the time of The Great Change. It is likely that there will come times in which we are faced with the forces of chaos and decline. How we respond to such times will dictate our future and the future of our species. Contemplate the resources below and let them permeate your life, so that when times of greater intensity appear, you will enter the storm prepared and with a spirit of deep trust and love.”

~Richard Rudd

Free Audio

The Great Change

Becoming a light during Turbulent Times

Experience the 44 minute meditation by Richard Rudd, exploring the themes of the Great Change, with accompanied soundtrack by Theo Grace of Entheo Music. Featuring Adrian Freedman & the Bulgarian Female Choir “Le Mystere Des Voix Bulgares”. Headphones recommended.

Free Video

The Five Necessities

Here Richard Rudd lays out the traditional 4 necessities for survival but adds the essential 5th Necessity of Higher Purpose. He demonstrates how making this quality central in our life view creates the difference between individual/tribal survival and a higher level of collective flourishing that transcends fear. This is an essential understanding in order to make the next quantum leap into collective consciousness.

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