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The Voyage

The Golden Path is a path into the deep mystery. It is a path of soul, in which your daily living becomes your greatest muse. It is a path of enrichment, which at the same time trains a fierce eye upon the way you are living. It asks you to contemplate some profound and sometimes painful questions. As you tread the Golden Path, you will take a deep dive into three primary questions: 

1. What is your purpose in life? 

2. How fulfilling are your relationships? 

3. How integrated are you into your community? 

When human beings are in harmony with creation, these three questions simply do not exist. In essence, the Golden Path describes the organic flow of life when it follows natural rhythms without resistance. There may have been times in human history when this was the case, but our modern world is very clearly not one of these times. This is the purpose of the Gene Keys – to assist individuals, relationships and communities in realigning their lives back into a wider harmony with creation itself. 

In the original I Ching, the most common translation of the 10th Hexagram is the word ‘Treading’. In the Gene Keys, its equivalent, the 10th Gene Key, is the Gift of Naturalness. As we tread the paths of our lives, so we write our destinies. The further we move from our essential nature, the more we and those around us suffer. And this suffering is vital to us. It keeps reminding us of the simplest path, the path of least resistance, the path that is naturally ours. It has been said that the hardest and the easiest thing in the world is simply to be yourself. 

The Buddha referred to this Golden Path as the Middle Way – the natural curve and slide of our inner evolution as it manifests in the outer world. 

As we unravel the thread of our true destiny, so our natural path begins to shine before us and open beneath us. It becomes illuminated by our inner awareness, and in this sense, our lives become golden. Treading the Golden Path is a gesture of deep faith in ourselves. It takes courage and a great deal of not-knowing.

The Structure of Destiny

Human destiny unravels according to its own timing and structure. The Golden Path provides a structure that allows you to contemplate the Gene Keys in a personalised way, with specific Gene Keys relating to certain areas of your life. This is an inner voyage you will take over a period of time. 

The Golden Path has three archetypal stages: 

Part 1. Discovering your Purpose – Activation Sequence 

Part 2. Opening your Heart – Venus Sequence 

Part 3. Releasing your Prosperity – Pearl Sequence

Each of these three stages relates to the three questions above concerning purpose, relationships and community, and even though they may seem different from each other, you may well discover for yourself how deeply interconnected they are. No matter which phase of your life you are currently traveling through, you will see that the whole of your life is really a journey into purpose, love and prosperity. The intricate tapestry of your destiny depends on the art you bring to the actual process of daily living. As you take the journey through these three stages of the Golden Path, you will have the wonderful opportunity to grasp something of the structure of your own destiny, woven as it is into the fabric of your living DNA. 

Applying the Gene Keys to your life

The Magic Of Sequences 

If you decide to tread the Golden Path through the Gene Keys, you are recommended to begin at the natural beginning, which is with the Activation Sequence and your four Prime Gifts. The magic of the Golden Path is that it provides you with a sequential structure to contemplate that unravels over time. 

All of life and evolution follows natural sequences. However, the sequences of the Golden Path are not paths of development that change who you are. They are an unravelling of your highest essence that lies hidden within. Therefore when you travel these sequences, it is as though you are unpicking the tapestry of your life in reverse. You must check each stitch of the fabric and discard those knots and slips that have caused your life to take you into difficulties. Then as you rewire your own genetic patterns, you will be recreating your entire life from a clean slate. 

Following your sequences takes time. You are asked to make a deep contemplation of your beliefs, your behaviour, your thought-life and the nature of your desires and dreams. The sequences will reveal to you anything that is out of alignment with the whole, and you will discard those parts of yourself that do not serve a higher purpose. This is the magic of the sequences at work – they are practical and they are transformational.

Part 1 – The Activation Sequence

Grounding On The Physical Plane

The Activation Sequence is the simplest of the 3 sequences that comprise the Golden Path. It serves a powerful purpose in orienting you physically into your body, into the centre of your inner world. It is a celebration of the beauty and dignity of your aloneness. As you contemplate the Gene Keys of your 4 Prime Gifts and their inner dynamics, you engage the activation sequence within you, which lays the foundation for a breakthrough in your life. 

As you continue working with the Gene Keys through the other sequences, these breakthroughs will be ongoing. For this reason the Activation Sequence sets the foundation for your journey of transformation.

Part 2 – The Venus Sequence

Navigating The Emotional Realm

As the longest and most complex of the 3 sequences you will contemplate along the Golden Path, the Venus Sequence represents the core of these teachings. It is a journey into the heart and the wounding that we all carry around our hearts. The Venus Sequence reorients you in your life at an emotional level, exploring genetic themes of holding and release woven from the ancestral DNA you inherited at birth. 

As you contemplate your Venus Sequence and its Gene Keys, you bring the transformation into your relationships through an increased awareness of the patterns that prevent you from living consistently with an open heart.

Part 3 – The Pearl Sequence

Clarifying Vision on the Mental Plane

When you arrive at the Pearl Sequence, you may begin to view many aspects of your life in a new light. As you spend time activating the higher frequencies of the Gene Keys inside you, a new vision of your life begins to dawn. This vision comes as a natural unfolding once your emotional patterns are understood and accepted. Once you begin to relate clearly and cleanly with others, the codes of your higher purpose begin to attract new opportunities towards you.

The Pearl Sequence assists you in clarifying exactly how you are best designed to serve the whole. The Pearl shows you how your unique talents can best be used to ensure you become truly prosperous at all levels. 

Each of the three sequences of the Golden Path are part of an unfolding mystery that will take you on a journey of transformation into your everyday life. Even though each sequence appears separate and moves within time, they are in fact all interconnected. The magic of these linear sequences is that they paradoxically intensify your experience of the present moment. 

Working and Playing with the Gene Keys

There are many ways of using the Gene Keys in your life. They are an invitation to your own imagination. The Golden Path is simply one of these many ways, and if understood correctly, it offers one of the steepest expansion curves you may ever have encountered in your life. The time you give to this process may well propel you into a whole new phase in your life. Therefore the Golden Path is a path to tread lightly but not to take lightly. It has the capacity to pull you sharply back into your own centre, into the steep, untrespassed sanctity of your aloneness. 

The central path of the Gene Keys is one of contemplation. You imbibe the truths of the Keys inside yourself over a sustained period of time. You play with the Gene Keys, offering them up to the power of your imagination, until your body begins to inwardly glow with a new lightness. The Gene Keys are about igniting the light that lies dormant within your own core. Indeed, they are a contemplation on light itself. The secret lies in sustained contemplation. In this sense, contemplation is a lifelong endeavour. This doesn’t mean you have to contemplate the Gene Keys for the rest of your life, but that at a certain point you will no longer need them and they will fall away naturally as you begin to embody the truth of their wisdom in your daily life.

Individuation – The Purpose of the Journey

As was stated earlier, the Golden Path is about bringing a higher harmony back into our lives. It is about being natural. It is about seeing life through the Water Eye – that part of us that can always sense and follow the path of least resistance in life. The final goal of the Golden Path is to bring you to a state known as ‘individuation’. Individuation refers to a process whereby the many different aspects of your life – your dreams, your relationships, your health, your finances, your spirituality – are brought together into an integrated harmony. 

An individuated human being is a person whose inner life is in exact harmony with their outer life. In such a person, everything has become simplified. The power of your aloneness is the font of your strength, but it in no way isolates you from your community. On the contrary, your aloneness serves to strengthen your bonds within your community. In an individuated being, many emotional states are naturally processed and transmuted internally, causing far less friction, confusion or energy loss in the environment. 

This also brings far more ease and simplicity into all your relationships. The more individuated you become, the more energy efficient you become. At the same time, individuation does not mean you will become more ‘spiritual’. It retains full involvement of our passions and those difficult states we often refer to as our Shadows. The difference between an individuated human being and a conditioned human being is that the former lives in a state of self-forgiveness. Individuation should be understood as different from any so-called spiritual state. It is not the same as enlightenment or realisation. Rather it is a prerequisite for such states. 

Individuation is a state of ease

Individuation speaks of an inner maturity in which the hungry search for spiritual truth has settled down inside us, bringing our whole system into a profound sense of balance and ease. When we come into a state of individuation our spirituality has become internalised. We are naturally inclined to speak less about our insight and to maintain appropriate boundaries around ourselves emotionally and psychologically. 

At the same time, we find that the ordinary world around us is welcoming and fruitful and we meet it with a refreshing sense of openness. 

The individuated human being rarely separates him or herself from the marketplace but is content to move among the world as an ordinary person. Individuation is a powerful and humble place to arrive at in your life. It may not appear exciting to the externally hungry mind, but it conveys the secret weight of the patience and calm that you have anchored deep into your DNA. To be individuated is to court the subtle and the invisible and at the same time it is to shine out with the light of your humanity. 

To tread the Golden Path through the Gene Keys is a grand adventure. It is an ancient adventure clothed in a contemporary form. While its potential is life changing, much depends upon you the voyager. You are invited to bring your full imaginative self into the process. It is your journey into your life, and the more honest and aware you can be with yourself, the more profound your self illumination will be. 

Take a short pause here and find a creative way to affirm to be 100% honest and gentle with yourself as you travel through this programme.

Feel free to use your notes to capture your insights and reflections.

The more honest you are with yourself, the more powerful your revelation will be…

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