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The Fire Eye

Deep inside the arc of your being there is an eye. This eye was born when you were born, and it will die when you die. This is the Fire Eye. When you see the world through this eye, you see a world of adventure, of excitement, of passion. When you see through the Fire Eye, everything is vibrant and changing and bursting with potential – the very air around you crackles with the electricity of your longing. Through the Fire Eye, you live in the unpredictable and ever-changing landscape of dreams – one moment you are wandering carefree through the green valleys of comfort, and the next you are staggering hopelessly through the parched deserts of desire.

It is the Fire Eye inside you that has led you here. It is the seeker inside you, the inquirer, the believer, the knower. The Fire Eye leads you on a dance through life as you leap from one experience to another. It lures you across continents and carries you over the threshold of every relationship in your life. 

The Fire Eye never ceases to dream of what once was, or of what may one day become. When you look out at life through the Fire Eye, you wonder about the purpose of your life. You may feel you could be doing more. You know you have so much to give but you don’t yet know how to give it. You feel a restless longing to accomplish something, to fulfill your highest destiny. The Fire Eye dreams large dreams. As the turbine that drives all human genius, the Fire Eye knows that anything in life is possible. It has already accomplished so much in our world. It is the Fire Eye that builds the great civilisations and puts men on the moon. 

It is the Fire Eye that drives our human evolution. Those whose lives have unfolded through the Fire Eye have become our great heroes and heroines – those great statesmen, warriors, explorers, inventors and geniuses whose lives remain forever enshrined in our history. 

As the energy of eternal youth inside you – the Fire Eye is wonderfully dynamic, endlessly hungry and always, always filled with hope. But for all its fertile vitality and raw power, the Fire Eye has a flaw. It is self-obsessed. 

The Fire Eye cannot see beyond its own need for satiation. Like a wild dog chasing its own tail, it does not know how to rest. No matter how great are its achievements in the world; the Fire Eye is not capable of finding inner peace.

The Water Eye

Deep inside the arc of your being there is another eye. This eye was present before you were born and it will remain after you die. This is the Water Eye. When you see the world through this eye, you see only that which is before you. When you see through the Water Eye, your primary awareness rests with your breath, your body and its gentle rhythms, and with the movement of life all around you. When you see through the Water Eye, all of life sees with you, and all of life comes towards you. Through the lens of the Water Eye, all is still, all is quiet and all is fathomless. 

Perhaps it is the Water Eye that has led you here. If you are here because you do not know, then you may be in for a gentle surprise. 

The Water Eye has no interest in achievement or knowledge or dreams. It has no interest in purpose or fulflment or change. The Water Eye has no interest in human experience. Rare is the human being who can give their life over to the Water Eye. It is the subtlest of the subtle. It is the softest, most paradoxical, most mysterious presence inside you. The Water Eye is a power without force, without emotion, without warmth. If you allow the lens of the Water Eye to open inside your being, you will begin to view your life and the world in a completely new way. 

In the outer world, the Water Eye has built nothing. There is nothing impressive about it. It passes unnoticed. Those whose lives have unfolded through the Water Eye have generally been misunderstood and misrepresented. They did not discover it on purpose for it cannot be chased or hunted or sought. 

Of all the mysteries in the universe, the Water Eye alone brings inner peace. But for all its allure and wonder, nothing you do in life will lead to its opening. The Water Eye responds to one thing and one thing alone. It responds to the one who yields. 

Water Eye

Putting The Fire Beneath The Water

If you have been drawn to the Gene Keys, then you may already know that it is based upon the ancient code of the Chinese I Ching – the Book of Changes. This deeply mysterious book continues to circle the world in many diverse forms. Its most common use is as an oracle – a tool to give subtle guidance in any given life situation. In essence, the I Ching is designed to attune you to the presence of that subtlest inner wisdom – the Water Eye within you. 

The ancient Chinese had their own words for the Fire Eye and the Water Eye. They called them the Hsin and the Yi respectively. When used over time, the correct use of the I Ching is a spiritual path in itself. It will guide you to listen to your innate, silent, intuitive wisdom – your ‘Yi’ (the Water Eye) above and beyond your human desires and longings – your ‘Hsin’ (the Fire Eye). Unfortunately, our modern global lifestyle is so strongly developed around the Fire Eye, that even the I Ching has now mostly become another toy for that restless longing inside us. We no longer realise the level of commitment that the I Ching requires of its students. Like most sacred and magical texts, it has now been taken far away from its original context, and its true secrets lie for the most part lost to modern humans. 

This is where the Gene Keys come into play. The Gene Keys are a contemporary adaptation of the I Ching and the Golden Path provides a structured and disciplined means of contemplation on the teachings themselves. The Golden Path allows you to take the Gene Keys deeply into your daily life. It is designed to be contemplated over a period of time so that you can absorb its insights and experience its transformational power. 

The advantage of this form is that you do not have to change very much externally in your life. You adjust the teachings to your daily rhythms, rather than the other way around. As your contemplation deepens over time, the living wisdom within you begins to awaken at a new level, leading to unexpected changes and new vistas opening up before you. This is a process referred to as Self Illumination. 

As you contemplate your Golden Path it will act as a reminder to yield to life. It will consistently nudge you to listen to the subtle wisdom of the Water Eye within, and it will compassionately assist you to transform the many challenges that come from listening only to the Fire Eye – your emotions and desires. The potential of the Golden Path is to remind you of the secret of alchemy – to put the fire beneath the water. 

This is a gradual process of coming into equilibrium, in which many hidden gifts inside you may come to the surface. Ultimately the Golden Path is a rich inner voyage into the deep mystery of the Self. Because it is a mystery, there is no way of predicting what may occur in your life as a result of following this path. The only way to find out is to step forward bravely, trusting in the inner light that already lies inside you.