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The Tools

The following section provides important background information that you will need before you begin to work with the three sequences that comprise the Gene Keys Golden Path. It begins by introducing the tools and terminology for your contemplation and shows you how to use them. It also helps to clarify the central technique of contemplation as well as offering an overall spiritual perspective as to how best approach the Gene Keys themselves. 

When you first come to the Gene Keys you will discover that there are many different elements and processes that underpin this knowledge. We will explore these further in this introduction, but in essence it can all be brought down to three essential elements: 

1. The Gene Keys Book – your map 

2. The Hologenetic Profile – your compass 

3. The Golden Path – your journey 

The Gene Keys Book

The Gene Keys book is available on Amazon in softcover and Kindle. Preferable but not essential to this course, this tome provides an in-depth analysis of each Gene Key. If you are unable to access the Gene Keys Book, rest assured the Audio Contemplations by Richard Rudd included with your online course will guide you well.

The audio contemplations for your Golden Path Gene Keys are embedded inside each course. These are from Richard Rudd’s audio contemplations known as The 64 Ways.

Your Hologenetic Profile

As the central path-working tool within the Gene Keys Synthesis, your Hologenetic Profile invites you to bring the power of contemplation progressively deeper into your life. Calculated from the time and place of your birth, it provides you with a blueprint of your unique Gene Keys and line keynotes. In the next module, you will be shown how to integrate your Hologenetic Profile directly into this online course, providing you with dynamic information based on your keys.

The Golden Path

The Golden Path describes a transformational route through your profile. This is your own path through the mystery of the Gene Keys, and as you follow it, it may bring about many changes in your life. These online courses provide you with step-by-step resources to learn, understand, and contemplate your profile in depth. The Golden Path is a voyage of self-illumination, awakening your genius from within.

Navigating your online course

  • Follow the topics in the sequence laid out in the course.
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Video Options

Inside the online course, you will find expanded options available for the embedded video players. Please refer to the diagram below to use these new features.

  • Chapter Markers: Some videos will have dots on the play bar, marking important sections of the video for easier review. We recommend you watch the entire video, but if you want to return to a specific section you may use these chapter markers for quick navigation. Hover your mouse over the dot to see the chapter name, or click to move to that particular timecode in the video.
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  • Video Transcripts: The primary videos included in this course also have the option for Video Transcripts. You can review all the video transcripts for this course here.

Optional – audio versions and transcripts of included webinars

Throughout this course, you will see webinars and videos guiding you through the Activation Sequence. For those who wish to study this material offline, or cannot stream Vimeo videos, we are providing a collection of all Activation Sequence webinars and pathway meditations in the form of MP3 Audio files.

Included text and optional printed companion books

Genius – a guide to Your Activation Sequence

The writings inside the Activation Sequence online course have been published in a softcover book, available on Amazon. All of the writings in this book are already included in this step-by-step online journey. This is an optional purchase for those who prefer to have a physical copy of these teachings.

Click here to learn more

About your Hologenetic Profile

Your Hologenetic Profile is a personalised map of the unique inner contours of your consciousness. The Golden Path describes a transformational route through this map. This is your own path through the mystery of the Gene Keys, and as you follow it, it may bring about many changes in your life.

As soon as you enter your birth data into your profile, dynamic content based on your unique Gene Keys will be included directly into this online course.

Preview your Prime Gifts by downloading your Free Profile

Purchase the Activation Sequence to integrate your profile into this online course.

Derived from a system known as Human Design, your Hologenetic Profile is calculated from the time, date and place of your birth. It pinpoints the specific positions of the sun and planets at the precise moment of your birth and places them within a wheel or mandala known as the I Ching Wheel. The I Ching Wheel is an ancient means of using the 64 hexagrams of the I Ching in a circle rather than in their more traditional form as a grid. 

I Ching Wheel with activated hexagrams

Your Hologenetic Profile translates a single moment of imprinting, your birth, into a series of coordinates in the space-time continuum. These coordinates are then mapped onto their 64 corresponding codons within your DNA. We can then use the Gene Keys to decipher the archetypal meaning of these numbers. Even though it may sound complex, it is in fact very logical and very simple. Understandably, some may question the connection between the positions of planets and the genesis of human DNA. However, when you understand the universe in which we live as holographic, then we see that all patterns within space-time are linked through a vast hyper-dimensional matrix. 

Therefore the patterns in the heavens always have a direct correspondence to emergent life. It is not that one influences the other, but that one is literally entangled with the other at a quantum level. 

Your Hologenetic profile helps you to see the nature of the forces that underpin your destiny. It is ‘hologenetic’ because everything within your profile is connected to everything else, just as all the DNA within your body operates as a single unified information field. When you begin to contemplate the specific Gene Keys in your Profile, you therefore activate the corresponding patterns within your physical body. This is what makes working with your Profile so powerful.

How to Read your Gene Keys

In each Sphere of your profile, you will see a number (between 1 of 64). This number represents your unique Gene Key for that sphere, which is determined by the date and time of your birth. We can awaken the higher components of each of our Gene Keys by contemplating them over time and in sequence.

Each Gene Key also has the following three components:

Your Shadow – a challenge to surmount

Your Gift – a creative attribute

Your Siddhi – a transcendent realisation

You will also see a Line Keynote (the small number after the dot) which describes a deeper aspect of how this Gene Key may show up in your life. You will learn more about the 6 lines throughout this course.

This step-by-step course is specifically designed to teach you how to read and work with your Gene Keys Profile and unlock its wisdom in your everyday life.

When you see this icon, consider taking a pause to contemplate the material in your own life. You can use your notes to capture your insights and reflections.

Take your time, and enjoy the journey…