Affiliate Tools – Education & Transparency

The Gene Keys organisation aims to inspire a spirit of passionate generosity while sharing the teachings far and wide. This is why our Gene Keys Guides and various Network Partners can earn revenue based on referral sales made on the shop.

Our primary goal is to educate Guides & Network Partners with how to use the Affiliate System properly to avoid issues like refunds and incorrect affiliate referrals. 

However, we understand that this system is not flawless and exceptions can be made. It can take great care and effort to achieve a referral sale; those commissions are valuable and well-earned. We want to be as generous as possible, while also honoring the legal and fiscal responsibilities involved. 

Education & Transparency

In September of 2023 we implemented an improvement to the Affiliate System that now shows the customer transparently which affiliate will be receiving a commission for that particular sale. This allows the customer to see if it is properly attributing to the Guide or Network Partner they want to support, or gives them the option to pay it forward by donating that commission into the Scholarship Fund. This feature was implemented to help stop the confusion from customers who did not understand they had clicked some other affiliate link without knowing. 

Please ensure that your clients use your Affiliate Link before purchasing. Please educate your clients to look for your name as the affiliate referral in the Cart & Checkout screen during their purchase. If they do not see your name, or they see a different name they do not recognize, please have them click your Affiliate Link again before purchasing.

Due to the 30-day refund policy, Affiliate Payouts can take up to 2 months to be processed. You do not need to wait this entire 2-month period to see whether or not your client or contact has purchased with your affiliate link. This 2-month waiting period is only for the payouts. You can see if you have made any referral sales by logging into your Affiliates Dashboard > Referrals Tab (

Here you will see any PAID, UNPAID, or REJECTED referrals with info about the Order Number, Referral Fee, Item Name, and the Date the order was made. 

  1. Paid –  you have already been sent your payout commission for this order
  2. Unpaid – this referral will be added to the next available affiliate payout after the refund period is complete
  3. Rejected – this order was refunded or otherwise cancelled and you no longer qualify for an affiliate payout

You can also use your Affiliates Dashboard > Settings ( to enable New Referral notifications via email. This way you will be emailed as soon as a new affiliate sales comes in. This notification does not require the 2 month waiting period, that is only for the payout process itself.

In the future, we recommend you check your Affiliates Dashboard > Referrals Tab or enable email notifications if you are expecting a particular referral sale. If you do not see that sale come in, and know that your client has indeed purchased, then you can write to and we can help review your account.

30-Day Refund Policy for Customer

If your client did not properly attribute you during the checkout process, and it is within 30 days of purchase, your client can request a refund for the initial product, and then purchase again with your affiliate link. 

Affiliate Commissions for Online Retreats

Unlike normal products, online retreats have a refund policy that allows customers to request a no-questions-asked refund up to 30 days AFTER THE EVENT START DATE (first webinar). If registration opens 1-2 months before the event, this can mean that the order could be 3 months before its refund policy is complete.

A refund report will be calculated 30 days after the event begins and then cross-referenced with Affiliate Payouts. If there are any orders that were already paid out to Affiliates, but are now refunded, the total ineligible commissions will be deducted from that affiliate in a future month’s payout to compensate for the now rejected order.

This method will ensure that Affiliates do not have to wait 3-4 months before receiving their commission, but Gene Keys will not be overpaying for orders that are no longer valid for Affiliate Commission. 

Credit Policy for incorrect affiliate referral past the 30-day refund policy

If there is an order that you believe that your client made an error during checkout process, or otherwise did not assign the Affiliate Referral correctly to you, you can submit your request for our team to review. 

While we can not guarantee affiliate commission refunds or credits will be applied, we will address potential cases that involve a missed referral payout of $50 or more. If it is determined that a credit can be given, it will arrive in the next month’s Affiliate Payout for you.

If the order in question is after the 30-day refund policy, and the commission amount is under the limit of $50, we will be unable to provide a manual refund/credit to this order. 

Automatic Credits/Deductions for Affiliate Payouts

In the event of ineligible referrals being paid out to Affiliates, or a credit is needed for a referral that was misappropriated by an error in the system, we will apply the deduction or credit to the next month’s Affiliate Payout period. You should see the change in affiliate referrals reflected on your Affiliate dashboard, though if you have any questions about a deduction or credit applied to your account, you can always reach out to and we can review your account with you.

Privacy with other Affiliates

Due to privacy laws and GDPR standard, we cannot give out information on other people’s accounts without expressed permission. If you are asking for customer data, or information on a different affiliate, you will need to have that person reach out themselves to requesting relevant data.

Paid Advertisement Policy (Google AdWords, Facebook Ads, etc)

  • At this time Gene Keys Ltd. does not use paid advertising and does not promote the use of paid advertising for Gene Keys-specific products except under approved promotional campaigns. 
  • We do not authorise any affiliate to pay for advertising using the specific keywords ‘Gene Keys’ or product names under the Gene Keys Publishing trademarks. If you are interested in using paid advertisements for your promotional campaign, please contact with your proposal for our team to review.

Can I get Affiliate Commission on my own personal purchases?

Our affiliate program does not include “self-referrals”. Thus, you cannot get a commission on your own personal purchase. The only people who can get a commission on your purchases are another affiliate (if you use someone else’s affiliate URL) or the scholarship fund (which you can gift the commission forward during the checkout process).

If you are a Guide, you are being gifted with 30% discount for most digital products instead of getting any sort of payout on your own purchases.

Affiliate Terms of Use

Click here for a full list of of our Affiliate Terms of Use