Dream Arc for Gene Keys Guides

The following FAQ are primarily for Gene Keys Guides, those who have committed deeply to the Gene Keys teachings and are incorporating these resources into their own entrepreneurial services, events, and offerings.

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Hosting the Dream Arc

Here Rosy introduces Guides & Hosts to the unique Dream Arc approach. If you are working with the Dream Arc in a collective context, please review this important video.


If I’d like to introduce the Dream Arc to Gene Keys enthusiasts, what should I tell them? How would their Gene Keys journey be enhanced by the Dream Arc?

If you have already journeyed with the Gene Keys, you may well love the Dream Arc. If the Gene Keys were a neatly clipped garden with beautiful clear paths and inspiring vistas, the Dream Arc would be a wild jungle. In the Dream Arc there are no set paths, just many choices for your intuition, so your journey will not be the same as anyone else’s. There are no profiles either, so you will often be working with Gene Keys and archetypes that are not in your Profile, but unlocked through their correspondence to animals you feel drawn to, or that come to you in your dreams. If you are already familiar with the Gene Keys, then the Dream Arc will be a deeply enriching experience that interweaves with the Gene Keys in magical and mysterious ways!

If I want to host or guide the Dream Arc or incorporate it into my work, how deeply do I need to integrate the material before I share it with others? Do I need to have done the whole course myself?

We love that you already feel drawn to bringing the Dream Arc to others through your work. Because of the vast and profound nature of the Dream Arc, we strongly encourage you to explore and integrate the material deeply before sharing it with others in a more professional capacity.

Give yourself at least 9 months to a year to swim in Dream Arc waters. Make your way through the whole course. Let it work its magic. Once the Dream Arc lives in your bones, your intuition will be so honed that you’ll know exactly when you’re ready to share it with others, and how to go about it. In the meantime, befriend the Sloth (slow down & relax) and the Rhino (patient, gentle perseverance).

You may absolutely share with your clients and community members that you are currently exploring the Dream Arc in your own practice. That way they may feel inspired to purchase through your affiliate link, and begin their own experience.

We highly recommend anyone wanting to be a Dream Arc host or guide to participate in any live retreats or events hosted by Rosy and the Dream Arc team.

If I do a group workshop based on the Dream Arc, does everyone in my workshop have to sign up for the online course?

Yes. While it’s wonderful to provide a collective space where people can share their insights, stories and creations with each other, it’s best for everyone to be able to access their own Dream Arc portal.

Keep in mind that each person’s journey inside the course will be unique. Every individual who embarks on this voyage will be drawn to different animals, follow a different order of the quests based on their own intuition, and may choose different experiential invitations or inspirational content to explore. The online course has been designed with features that help journeyers honor their own timing and track their unique experiences — including a note-taking function.

Also, having everyone sign up for the course is a way for you to ‘honor the source’ and the immense amount of love, energy and financial investment that went into creating the Dream Arc.

If you already have a group of workshop participants in mind, consider making a wholesale purchase (https://genekeys.com/product/guides-wholesale/) This way, you can purchase a group of Dream Arc coupons at a discounted rate, and then resell them to the people in your workshop

What are the most important ways I can ‘honour the source’ when sharing about the Dream Arc with others?

Thank you so much for asking this question! We truly appreciate it. Here are a few things you can do:

Be sure to include the Dream Arc URL whenever mentioning it (use your Affiliate link!)

If you hold a workshop or facilitate a group based on the Dream Arc course, make sure everyone has signed up for the online course.

Only use the Dream Arc resources that we’ve provided (images, etc.) when developing or integrating the Dream Arc into your own advertising.

If you have a special idea and you’re not quite sure how to best honor the source, please contact us. Together, we’ll find a solution!