How do affiliate links work?

Affiliate links are URL’s that start with a page on our website, and end with ‘/ref/nnn’.

If you click an affiliate link, our website responds by setting cookies in your web browser. One is for the affiliate ID. Once the cookie is created, it will remain for 90 days, then will expire. Please note that the cookies we set are only to support our customers and affiliates, there are no tracking or advertising cookies created on our website. Therefore, kindly allow cookies to be set for our site to support your affiliate.

If you purchase any product from our store and the affiliate cookie is found, your affiliate will be given a referral for the eligible items you purchase.

You will be able to see which Affiliate your purchase is giving a commission to by visiting the Cart / Checkout page, or by clicking here.

Be aware that once you have arrived on our webpage using the affiliate link, and go to another page, the ‘/ref/nnn’ portion of the URL will no longer appear in the browser address bar. This is normal. As long as you are using the same web browser, and have not cleared your cookies & cache, you are still going to give the commission to that Affiliate. You will always be able to double check whom you are giving an affiliate commission to on the cart & checkout page before completing your purpose. It will look like this…