What are some creative ways I can help spread the word about the Dream Arc and make the most of my Affiliate status?

There are so many ways to share about the Dream Arc with your friends and community!

Here are just a few examples:

  • Experience and explore the Dream Arc firsthand! The more you understand what the Dream Arc is all about, and the more your own life has been positively impacted by the adventure, the more personally, passionately and effectively you can share about it with others. Your unique, magical Dream Arc journey is your biggest gift to your people!
  • Send people to the main Learn More page using your Affiliate link above.
  • Share the Initiating the Dream Arc webinar on Youtube. This is a great way to give people an overview of what’s in the course and an opportunity to get to know Richard, Rosy and Sally.
  • Let people know about the Dream Pod Call Series. We’re offering free monthly online gatherings to all Dream Arc journeyers (through April of 2023). The earlier people sign up for the online course, the more of these inspiring, supportive and community-building calls they can participate in. (Replays of the introduction to the calls are available to participants.) https://genekeys.com/resource/dream-pod-calls/
  • Share your own animal or dream story (Dream Tail) on your social networks and then about the Dream Arc course.
  • Share your own Dream Art… and then about the Dream Arc course.
  • Gather together a small group of friends or colleagues (or a community), have everyone sign up at the same time, and go on the Dream Arc journey together (for an agreed upon period of time — whether it’s weeks, months or years)! Even though each person’s journey will be unique, being in a group can be deeply encouraging, inspiring and can really help everyone stay on intuitive track.
  • Keep an eye out for Dream Arc Clubhouse calls, and Invite your people to join one.

Especially for Featured Contributors / Affiliates:

  • Share your contribution with others, along with your Dream Arc Affiliate url.
  • Share your Featured Contributor or Wisdom Keeper Page (if applicable).
  • Use the personalized image we’ve created for you. (If you haven’t gotten one already, please submit your request here https://genekeys.com/h/request-my-dream-arc-image/)
  • Put the Dream Arc on your own website, using your Affiliate link. Here is an example from Rosy’s Wisdom Keepers site – https://www.wisdomkeepers.net/dream-arc.html