Alternative Profile Calculations (Vedic or Sidereal Astrology)

The Gene Keys are neither astrology nor are they a traditional profiling system. Each Gene Key and its line is a touchstone for a process of inner transformation, therefore it is not necessary to be too fixated on the system itself. The power of this work comes from your willingness to own your own Shadow patterns and your ability to envision your life at its highest frequency. 

– Richard Rudd, The Hologenetic Profile

Some people have found interesting correlations with other systems of Astrology and Human Design, including different ways of calculating their profile (Vedic, Sidereal, etc). As Richard Rudd was not trained in these modalities, he does not have any input on alternative calculations. If you are astrological minded, perhaps you will feel drawn to try out your profile in one of these variations. 

For newcomers, we highly recommend you stick the to  basics. All of the programmes on will include the standard Hologenetic Profile calculations as you find it on the Free Profile page. The core teachings will reference this profile inside the Golden Path courses. 

Not all courses require your hologenetic profile, and you can find your own intuitive connection to the material. You are welcome to explore other ways of exploring your profile and the Gene Keys! The most important thing to keep in mind when contemplating this way is that the Map is not the Terrain. You may feel inspired to watch Richard’s video below about using the Profile as a Field of play…

Hold your profile lightly, and play with it! It’s a playground we can use to explore, and at a certain point let it go. Yes dive deep with it, identify with it, play with it, learn from it, explore it, share it. Hold it lightly, enjoy it, and then let it go…

– Richard Rudd, Field of Play