What about the Codon Rings?

What is a Codon Ring?

A chemical family within your body made up of one or more codons. There are a total of 21 Codon Rings, each one relating to a specific amino acid or stop codon. The Codon Rings are transgenetic chemical families that operate across entire gene pools, drawing certain people naturally together in pairs, groups, and ultimately forming whole societies. The Codon Rings are the biological machinery behind what the ancients called ‘karma’. The manner in which they interlock forms the geometric unified field underpinning humanity, and as human DNA mutates in order to carry the higher frequencies that are coming with the Great Change, the 21 Codon Rings will bring humanity into the biological realisation of its true nature and unity. Each Codon Ring is connected to a specific Amino Acid, chemical constituents used by your body to build proteins. There are 20 major amino acids. You have within you the power to influence the various combinations of amino acids in your body, thus building a body of radiant health and catalysing the chemical foundation for all higher states.

The Rings of Revelation – In Contemplation

Richard Rudd plans on sharing more about the transmission of the Codon Rings in a future series called “The Rings of Revelation”. For now, you are encouraged to contemplate the Codon Rings in your own way by exploring the connections between each Gene Keys, the themes presented in the Gene Keys book, and your own inner guidance. Click the button below to read excerpts on each Codon Ring from the Living Library.