Why do I have two of the same Gene Key?

Sometimes people have 2 or more Spheres in their Profile with the same Gene Key. This demonstrates a major focus on this same theme in your life. The line keynotes may or may not be different as well. Wherever you spot a synchronicity in your profile, follow it with your gentle inquiry and playful curiosity. There is an important theme waiting for you inside this Gene Key.

Having two or more of the same Gene Key brings a much deeper significance to the theme of its Shadow, Gift, and Siddhi. As you Contemplate the Gene Key or Gene Keys that repeat in your Profile, try and penetrate the mystery of what this means for you. Allow the essence of that Gene Key to really infuse your being and bring its Gifts and Siddhis into your heart. In time, the essence and true meaning will reveal themselves to you through a reflection in your life.

For the astrologically minded: The Gene Keys are calculated from astrological coordinates. When two planetary bodies occupy the same range of degrees, they often share the same Gene Key. Every Gene Key lasts about 5.7 degrees in the zodiac. The Gene Keys also takes into account the planetary coordinates 88 days before birth. Many people have similar Gene Keys in their Pearl / Culture, because this is the slower moving planet of Jupiter, and may not leave the range of that key in 88 days. You will also see similar combinations of Activation Sequence, as there are 192 different combinations possible with the Prime Gifts, based on the geometry of what is known as the “Incarnation Cross” in Human Design. 

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